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Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st RB Dragons callon Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue Eldrazi Lord_Cuddles
3rd Bant Tokens Taco_Farmer
1st UR Prowess AlterSad Mar 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Black callon
3-4th Red Eldrazi OctoOoze
3-4th Temur White TheRainmaker
1st Bant Tokens Taco_Farmer Mar 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Mardu Green TheRealPlaty
1st Mardu Green Jinete_dV Mar 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Mardu Midrange Azreal16
3rd Jeskai Black KidRiver
1st Monoblue Eldrazi sutlifa Mar 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Mardu Green Duodax
3rd Rally jjbulla
1st Abzan Aggro loopholbrook Mar 22 Trial Tournament
2nd RB Dragons callon
3rd Abzan Red Scuta04
1st GR Ramp Dusty_K1273 Mar 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Grixis Control Leclairandy
3rd Esper Dragons ronin283
4th GR Ramp Goldenas
1st Abzan Aggro HdH_Cthulhu Mar 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Rally Lumbersexual
Top4 U Eldrazi Lord_Cuddles
Top4 Elves abzanasshole
1st Grixis Prowess AlterSad Mar 14 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control OctoOoze
3rd GR Ramp confuchos
1st` 4 Color Leap winzip Mar 12 Trial Tournament
2nd 4 Color Scales Tigercub
3rd GR Ramp Goldenas
1st GW Hardened Scales abzanasshole Mar 10 Trial Tournament
2nd GR Ramp Larek
3rd Jeskai Black ChaoticWorld
1st Bant Tokens Taco_Farmer Mar 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Red Suribepe
3rd Abzan Red Dusty_K1273
1st Mardu Green gratefuldad0 Mar 06 Master Tournament
2nd GR Ramp Goldenas
Top4 4 Color Rally Wrinkle22
Top4 Jeskai Black Jinete_dV
Top8 Monoblue Eldrazi johnpyp
Top8 GR Ramp Search1989
Top8 Abzan Blue Red djinx
Top8 Jeskai Black Scuta04
1st RG Ramp Goldenas Mar 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Aggro ChaoticWorld
3rd 5C Midrange djinx
1st Rally Lumbersexual Mar 05 Trial Tournament

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