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Khans Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Khans Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

Top2 Abzan Aggro Incontroll Sep 20 Master Tournament
Top2 Abzan Control max09
Top4 JaceKai metzel_usa
Top4 Abzan Control seeBanane
Top8 Temur Ramp TheLemmyW
Top8 RB Dragon OliviaVess
Top8 JaceKai Xemnon
Top8 UR Artifacts KidRiver
1st Abzan Rally ByeByeWorld Sep 17 Trial Tournament
2nd RB Dragons abzanasshole
Top4 RG Devotion DRjester
Top4 UR Ensoul Angelmg82
1st UR Ensoul IAMATOASTERz Sep 14 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control seeBanane
3rd Abzan Control saurgoth
4th Abzan Rally kingslayer98
4th Bant Heroic Goldenas
1st Abzan Control seeBanane Sep 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Aggro seedLT
1st Abzan Aggro Ephara Sep 09 Normal Tournament
2nd GW Constellation Andrew
3rd Hardened Scales astronaut
1st Abzan Control voidillusion Sep 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Control hhenson1295
3rd Jeskai Dragons URDUL
4th Sultai Leap Nice
4th RW Midrange eper_mono
1st Abzan Control metzel_usa Sep 06 Normal Tournament
2nd RDW GGbizz
3rd GW Constellation Andrew
1st Abzan Control voidillusion Sep 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Control max09
3rd UW Heroic azaz
1st Hardened Scales Khilborn Sep 03 Normal Tournament
2nd Red Thopters Foomanjew343
3rd GB Elves Wackei
1st GR Devotion DRjester Sep 01 Normal Tournament
2nd BR Dragons abzanasshole
3rd Grixis Dragons Veraxvis
1st GW Aggro adamyoburger Aug 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Aggro Incontroll
Top 4 Abzan Rally metzel_usa
Top 4 RB Dragons abzanasshole
Top2 JaceKai Narttram Aug 23 Master Tournament
Top2 Abzan Delve Goldenas
Top4 JaceKai Blueballer
Top4 Abzan Aggro seedLT
Top8 Mono Red Sveiks
Top8 Abzan Aggro Incontroll
Top8 Mono Red metzel_usa

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