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Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st BUG Monsters Hermain Mar 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono-Red Aggro dschidi
1st URC Eldrazi Andrew Feb 11 Trial Tournament
2nd BWR Allies Speedbump
1st Abzan abzanasshole Oct 22 Trial Tournament
2nd UB jwebber
3-4th Abzan seeBanane
3-4th Temur Trinquin
1st Red White GGbizz Aug 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue White Hades
3rd Blue Red Damnation13
1st UB Ravager20 Jun 08 Trial Tournament
2nd UB AlterSad
3rd RB Nice
1st BW Csquared08 Jun 04 Trial Tournament
2nd GRB Goldenas
3rd RB HdH_Cthulhu
Top2 UBr Dantalion May 31 Master Tournament
Top2 RG ChaoticWorld
Top4 BWU shaducci
Top4 RBuw _Godica
Top8 UBw dannydb
Top8 RG saurgoth
Top8 RG Gwaney
Top8 BWR xJudicatorx
1st UR Grok May 22 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Wrinkle22
1st GUw nostate May 11 Trial Tournament
2nd GW saurgoth
Top4 RG BreakBricker
Top4 RG Ockhams
1st GWR Milo666 May 07 Trial Tournament
2nd WRb seeBanane
3rd URb shaducci
1st WB Good Stuff Hardy Apr 27 Trial Tournament
2nd BGw Good Stuff _Godica
Top4 WB Good Stuff saurgoth
Top4 BGR Good Stuff kenny18O
1st Red White Gman19 Apr 07 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue Black Nice
3rd Red Black macmike
1st Green Black Dantalion Mar 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue Red Slicer
Top4 Red Black splash Blue macmike
Top4 Red White Duodax
1st RG Combat Tricks saurgoth Feb 15 Trial Tournament
2nd BGw Good Stuff Canabiest
3rd URg Tempo Selkie
1st Blue Black Millstone IstvanTM Sep 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue White hrollurfrakk

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