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Below you see the archived Return to Ravnica Block Construc Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st GW Populate dumbrally May 16 Trial Tournament
2nd RBW Good Stuff Rechtern
Top4 GW Populate DRjester
Top4 Esper Control archmage521
1st Gruul! Canabiest May 09 Trial Tournament
2nd BUG Midrange atams
3rd Boros Deck Wins lpitts1
1st UWR Control kenny18O May 05 Master Tournament
2nd UWB Control pterarch
Top4 RDW Mastikor
Top4 UWB Control GGbizz
Top8 UWB Control Mitchmachine
Top8 UWB Control pilou
Top8 BRW checoso
1st Esper Control Mitchmachine May 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control aquiles86
3rd Naya Midrange Xemnon
1st Populate Kabelis Apr 27 Trial Tournament
2nd RDW EggHead
Top4 UWR Control EJLV
Top4 Rwu Aggroish warwizard87
1st Populate Roman_ Apr 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Selesnya Beatdown staja91
Top4 UWR Control Tranzystor
Top4 Red Deck Wins Xemnon
1st Azorius Obzedat darksigma Apr 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Xemnon
3rd URW Control SnowFruit
1st UBG Aggro BIRDYYY Mar 28 Trial Tournament
2nd UBW Control kam_d04
3rd UGW Control atams
1st BWR Rares fred_pt Mar 14 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Flash14
3rd Naya Midrange letates
1st Big Naya Golrin Feb 28 Trial Tournament
2nd UWr Control d3m0n
3rd Boros Aggro Tel
1st UWR Control Straw_Hat Feb 05 Trial Tournament
2md UBG Evolve BIRDYYY
Top 4 UWR Control GuilleGG
Top 4 UWB Control MasterSion
1st UWr Control dumbrally Feb 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Boros Deck Wins Tomos
3rd Bant Control Camiuverlang

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