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M12-M13 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived M12-M13 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st UW Delver RAC Sep 21 Trial Tournament
2nd RUG Ramp pg8
3rd UW Delver bob_dob
1st Br Zombies rammzone Sep 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod magicrichi
Top 4 Illusions Qamiqaze420
Top 4 UW Delver Stunseed
1st UW Miracles Burton911 Sep 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod Burn_trail
3rd Grixis Control XZERO
1st UW Delver wilier Sep 04 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Outpost Control Pegachris
Top4 Goblins Qamiqaze420
Top4 Naya Pod ody
1st GR Aggro BIRDYYY Aug 30 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Green Poison jukel
3rd GW Aggro ody
1st UW Delver AlterSad Aug 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Black Post bjorn142003
Top 4 UW Delver Domine
Top 4 WB Post Pegachris
1st BUg Zombie Pod BaronT Aug 21 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver wilier
3rd Mono Green Poison VUVUZELA
1st Mono Green Aggro Kabelis Aug 21 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Tokens Torcuato
3rd Mono Green Poison coboney
1st Mono Green Poison Mpelos Aug 15 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Miracle Control undertow
Top 4 GW Midrange KnowN
Top 4 Mono Black Control SheerMadness
1st UW Delver Ehri Aug 14 Trial Tournament
2nd GR Wolf Run wilier
3rd GR Wolf Run YiiiMTG
1st Delver Duodax Aug 12 Master Tournament
2nd Naya Pod Mephist0
Top4 Naya Pod CChildress
Top4 UW Control Burton911
Top8 GW Aggro Nitroks
Top8 RW Steel Ashmatan
Top8 BW Tokens Zits
Top8 UG Infect KriswithaK
1st Mono White Humans Kabelis Aug 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Bu Zombie Pod megajenius
Top 4 Mono Green Aggro BIRDYYY
Top 4 Naya Pod Mephist0
1st GUr Wolf Run Mastikor Aug 07 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Rockets
Top 4 UW Delver dannyhill95
Top 4 GUr Wolf Run Sokey

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