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Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Dark Depths/Thopter Combo TugaChampion Jan 27 Trial Tournament
2nd UGr Scapeshift Combo CyrusKiller
3rd UB Faeries Emperok
1st Dark Depths/Thopter Combo BarneyStinso Jan 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Dark Depths/Thopter Combo Zits
Top 4 UWb Teachings dv8r
Top 4 Battle of Wits Atobe
1st Domain Zoo staja91 Jan 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Dredge six
Top 4 UGr Scapeshift meoni
Top 4 Burn Masterspeaks
1st UWb Teachings Rath Jan 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Aggro Scapeshift Malakai97
3rd Aggro Scapeshift Kromos
1st Saito Zoo Djinn Jan 20 Trial Tournament
2nd Doran mrwegle
3rd UGr Scapeshift CyrusKiller
1st UB Thopter Depths BarneyStinso Jan 19 Trial Tournament
2nd UGr Scapeshift CyrusKiller
Top 4 Orzhov Jank el_cuervito
Top 4 UG Scapeshift Lantero
1st RG Aggro Scapeshift wurst12 Jan 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity Jopanges
Top4 RG LD Gerr
Top4 Burnwillow Zoo P_P4E
1st Living End Truth- Jan 12 Trial Tournament
2nd UG Power Conduit InWaking
top4 RG Scapeshift Combo wurst12
top4 WW P_P4E
1st Scapeshift Combo Ethren Jan 10 Master Tournament
2nd Dredge Dakh
top4 Sullivan Special Lame
top4 Smallpox Aggro ckfnpku
top8 Domain Zoo mrwegle
top8 Gifts Cloud Rafakev207
top8 Dark Depths Schimaera
top8 BG Cloud Rock Kromos
1st BRG Living End Truth- Jan 08 Trial Tournament
2nd BG Cloud Rock mishimakaz
3rd BG Cloud Rock Kromos
1st Rubin Zoo proxie404 Jan 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Classic Zoo DChing
3rd Affinity noobburn
1st Tezzerator Kromos Jan 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Classic Zoo Kurtkeoki
3rd Domain Zoo FlyingFreak
1st BG Cloud Rock Kromos Jan 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant coboney
top4 Domain Zoo FlyingFreak
top4 MonoB Control Comodope

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