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Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Steel DSD-Steve Oct 02 Trial Tournament
2nd UG Poison Andree
3rd RG Scapeshift MagicEd
1st UB Faeries WillyBlake Aug 05 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Caw-Blade basmelis
3rd WW Kithkin Kiky
2nd UW FaerieBlade tecktonicboy Jul 08 Trial Tournament
2nd UW CawBlade Mitchmachine
3rd Valakut Shift meoni
1st Fae-Blade Baillo Jun 30 Trial Tournament
2nd Tempered Steel Foxy
top4 Fae-Blade Ryk
top4 Fae-Blade BandaBear
1st Blade Faeries Failure Jun 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Caw Blade Mitchmachine
3rd Omen Valakut fnoguera
4th Blade Faeries asamodious
1st Tempered Steel Comodope Jun 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Fae-Blade Tranzystor
top4 Valakut Scapeshift Naisirc
top4 Pili-Pala-Blade Bballhopstar
1st Fae-Blade Ryk Jun 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Faeries straca3
3rd Pili-Pala-Blade Conkisstador
1st Pyromancer Ascension Ansore Jun 03 Trial Tournament
2nd GBw Melira Persist noobburn
top4 Fae-Blade straca3
top4 WUB Tempered Steel The_Youth
1st Pyromancer Ascension MastSkellum May 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Caw-Blade jfc
3rd Fae-Blade SeveredLegio
1st Elves! EAS May 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Birthing Pod DeVoursneyNR
3rd Mythic Conscription Miqo
1st GWB Melira Persist Burton911 May 12 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie Kabelis
3rd UB Faeries The_Youth
1st UB Faeries jfc May 06 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Faeries Miqo
3rd UR DeceiverTwin Manu90
1st White Weenie Incontroll Apr 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Blade-Faeries Mitchmachine
top4 Tempered Steel thedstylez
top4 Merfolk mickeboyy
1st Pili-Pala Combo XZERO Apr 22 Trial Tournament
2nd MonoWhite Control DARKING
top4 Time Sieve Kromos
top4 White Weenie Adrian_657
1st UW Blade Faeries KerZia Apr 15 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Faeries maps

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