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Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st White Weenie [paradox] Jun 07 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Control Mad03
3rd White Weenie Powerfox
1st UW Control straca3 Jun 05 Master Tournament
2nd Big Red juan_
top4 UW Control Wyckham
top4 Big Red Darric
top8 WW Tempered Steel DarkenRahl
top8 UW Golems DenisSinner
top8 Puresteel White Weenie [paradox]
top8 Big Red Kromos
1st UB Infect DaveLombJr May 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Blue Architect Foxy
Top4 Slag Fiend Red CheaterHater
Top4 GW Aggro Miqo
1st Big Red xBlueDemonx May 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Big Black sb305198
3rd Red Midrange darkedge
1st Mono Blue Architect Mad03 May 17 Trial Tournament
2nd BBr Control mokuyoubi
Top4 Mono Black Infect virgil_roy
Top4 Big Red svien187
1st Red Control JeZeus May 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Red Midrange Charles_B
top4 Kuldotha Red P_P4E
top4 WW Tempered Steel sabbath
1st MonoGreen Infect Dapug May 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Red Midrange FourTwenny
top4 WW Tempered Steel alexandria1
top4 MonoBlack Control WhoamI
1st MonoGreen Infect Mitchmachine Apr 26 Trial Tournament
2nd WW Tempered Steel sabbath
top4 WUB Tezzeret-Steel kazah
top4 WW Tempered Steel Incontroll
1st WW Tempered Steel DSD-Steve Apr 19 Trial Tournament
2nd WW Tempered Steel juan_
3rd WW Tempered Steel cabof
1st Metalcraft WW jfc Apr 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Metalcraft WW tm
3rd UBw Tezzeret Comodope
1st UBw Tezzerator juan_ Apr 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Red Midrange Tel
top4 WW Tempered Steel GuilleGG
top4 BG Midrange KnowN
1st Red Midrange Tel Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Tezzeator Comodope
3rd UB Control MagicEd
1st Red Midrange Djinn Mar 22 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Tezzerator Nogginwack
Top4 Red Midrange alexandria1

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