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MYOS Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived MYOS Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st UR Show and Tell MikolajDomin Sep 17 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Stoneblade xJudicatorx
1st UW Delver Duodax Aug 28 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver Zolun
Top4 UW Delver Ockhams
Top4 Bant Foundry dschidi
1st UW Delver (ISD/IA/M12) akill Oct 27 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver (ISD/IA/M12) KriswithaK
top4 UW Delver (ISD/IA/M12) BeachHOUSE
top4 UW Delver (ISD/IA/M12) Miqo
1st UW Delver (IA/ISD/M12) dumbrally Sep 01 Trial Tournament
2nd UGb Vengevine (OD/ZEN/M11) basmelis
3rd Caw-Blade (ZEN/SOM/M11) Flowjob
1st UW Delver (ISD/IA/M12) Duodax Jul 14 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Aggro (ZEN/TSP/M10) mrwegle
3rd Boros (ZEN/RAV/M10) Jim-the-Rat
1st UW Delver (IA/ISD/M12) max09 Apr 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Faeries (LRW-SHM/SOM/7E) Duodax
Top4 UW Delver (IA/ISD/M12) Mitchmachine
Top4 UWR Delver (RAV/ISD/M11) bugaga
1st UW Delver (IA/ISD/M11) ykpon Feb 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Zoo (RAV/ALA/9E) Wichtelman
3rd UB Faeries (LRW-SHM/SOM/7E) Kaesh
1st Caw-Blade (ZEN/SOM/M11) tarat Dec 04 Trial Tournament
2nd GR Werewolves (MR/ISD/M10) Canabiest
3rd Steel WW (SOM/ISD/M12) Clone1987
1st Caw-Blade (ZEN/SOM/M11) jfc Sep 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Ichorid (OD/RAV/7E) DreamBoat
3rd Ichorid (OD/RAV/7E) Miqo
1st UB Faeries (TSP/LRW/7E) Caith Jul 10 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control (IA/ZEN/M11) silverbullet
Top 4 Ad Nauseam Teaching (TSP/ALA/5E) Egren
Top 4 White Weenie (TE/KAM/5E) Eldariel
1st Hypergenesis (TSP-ALA-M11) JUANPETE Mar 26 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control (IA-ZEN-M11) Sniper1
3rd Hypergenesis (TSP-ALA-M11) World
1st UW Control (IA-ZEN-M11) Odysseus Jan 09 Trial Tournament
2nd UBR Control (ZEN-SOM-M11) Jacois
3rd Hypergenesis (TSP-ALA-M11) WeedSeed
1st Goblins (US-ZEN-M10) jfc Nov 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Goblins (US-ZEN-M10) GoneBananas
Top 4 Goblins (US-ZEN-M10) necrophiliac
Top 4 Goblins (US-ZEN-M10) XS3sh1r0X
1st Boros (RAV-ZEN-M10) mrwegle Sep 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund (RAV-ALA-M10) Fozz
top4 Goblins (US-ZEN-M10) akill
top4 Faeries (LRW/SHM-RAV-5E) peluca
1st Goblins (URZ-ZEN-M10) Djinn Jun 19 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Disruption (INV-RAV-7E) Pandamania
Top 4 Faeries (RAV-LRW-5E) ikazuchi

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