Ixalan Standard tournament Deck lists

These Ixalan Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Tuesday, March 6 Standard #magic-league Trial were updated by iKringe.

1st RW Aggro jediwu Ixalan Standard Deck
2nd GB Monsters Hermain Ixalan Standard Deck

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RW Aggro
1st - jediwu
Main Deck Sideboard
4 heart of kiran
4 bomat courier
4 scrapheap scrounger
3 walking ballista
2 rekindling phoenix
4 toolcraft exemplar
3 hazoret the fervent
2 pia nalaar
2 abrade
4 unlicensed disintegration
2 fatal push
3 mountain
2 plains
1 swamp
3 canyon slough
4 concealed courtyard
3 dragonskull summit
4 inspiring vantage
4 spire of industry
2 cut // ribbons
2 authority of the consuls
2 cast out
1 profane procession
1 chandra's defeat
2 settle the wreckage
1 angrath, the flame-chained
1 chandra, torch of defiance
1 battle at the bridge
2 duress
2 fragmentize

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GB Monsters
2nd - Hermain
Main Deck Sideboard
4 bristling hydra
4 glint-sleeve siphoner
4 jadelight ranger
4 servant of the conduit
2 verdurous gearhulk
4 walking ballista
4 winding constrictor
3 hadana's climb
3 blossoming defense
2 fatal push
2 vraska's contempt
4 aether hub
4 blooming marsh
4 botanical sanctum
3 fetid pools
3 forest
2 foul orchard
2 hashep oasis
1 ifnir deadlands
1 swamp
3 thrashing brontodon
2 cartouche of ambition
2 fatal push
2 vraska's contempt
3 negate
3 duress

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