Ixalan Standard tournament Deck lists

These Ixalan Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Sunday, November 5 Standard #magic-league Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st UW Gift ModernMax Ixalan Standard Deck

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UW Gift
1st - ModernMax
Main Deck Sideboard
4 god-pharaoh's gift
4 minister of inquiries
4 sacred cat
4 angel of invention
4 champion of wits
2 cast out
2 search for azcanta
2 opt
4 glacial fortress
3 irrigated farmland
2 ipnu rivulet
7 island
6 plains
4 chart a course
4 refurbish
4 strategic planning
1 skysovereign, consul flagship
4 fairgrounds warden
3 angel of sanctions
1 authority of the consuls
2 negate
2 jace's defeat
1 hostile desert
1 fumigate

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