Modern tournament Deck lists

These Modern Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, November 4 Modern #magic-league Trial were updated by dschidi.

1st W Tron dschidi Modern Deck
2nd Jeskai Geist long-jumper_ Modern Deck

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W Tron
1st - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
4 expedition map
4 talisman of unity
2 oblivion stone
4 solemn simulacrum
4 thalia's lancers
1 elesh norn, grand cenobite
2 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
4 walking ballista
4 path to exile
4 urza's mine
4 urza's power plant
4 urza's tower
8 plains
1 geier reach sanitarium
1 eiganjo castle
1 ghost quarter
4 karn liberated
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
1 elspeth, sun's champion
2 wrath of god
1 tamiyo's journal
1 crucible of worlds
1 linvala, keeper of silence
1 wurmcoil engine
1 linvala, the preserver
3 rest in peace
4 leyline of sanctity
1 stony silence
2 wrath of god

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Jeskai Geist
2nd - long-jumper_
Main Deck Sideboard
4 snapcaster mage
3 geist of saint traft
4 spell queller
4 path to exile
4 lightning bolt
3 cryptic command
2 electrolyze
3 lightning helix
1 spell snare
1 shadow of doubt
2 logic knot
1 remand
4 celestial colonnade
2 steam vents
1 sacred foundry
1 hallowed fountain
4 flooded strand
4 scalding tarn
2 island
1 plains
1 mountain
1 tectonic edge
1 sulfur falls
2 spirebluff canal
1 supreme verdict
3 serum visions
1 izzet staticaster
1 vendilion clique
1 keranos, god of storms
1 rest in peace
2 stony silence
2 negate
2 dispel
1 gideon jura
1 anger of the gods
1 timely reinforcements
1 wrath of god
1 ancestral vision

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