Legacy tournament Deck lists

These Legacy Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Thursday, October 19 Legacy #magic-league Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Death and Taxes j0nas Legacy Deck
2nd Sneak and Show Kirtar891 Legacy Deck

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Death and Taxes
1st - j0nas
Main Deck Sideboard
4 aether vial
1 batterskull
1 sword of fire and ice
1 umezawa's jitte
4 flickerwisp
2 mirran crusader
4 mother of runes
3 phyrexian revoker
2 recruiter of the guard
1 sanctum prelate
2 serra avenger
1 spirit of the labyrinth
4 stoneforge mystic
4 thalia, guardian of thraben
4 swords to plowshares
2 cavern of souls
1 horizon canopy
3 karakas
8 plains
4 rishadan port
4 wasteland
1 pithing needle
1 sword of light and shadow
1 sanctum prelate
1 containment priest
1 ethersworn canonist
3 rest in peace
1 path to exile
2 surgical extraction
2 gideon, ally of zendikar
2 council's judgment

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Sneak and Show
2nd - Kirtar891
Main Deck Sideboard
4 lotus petal
4 emrakul, the aeons torn
4 griselbrand
2 omniscience
4 sneak attack
4 brainstorm
4 force of will
4 spell pierce
3 ancient tomb
2 city of traitors
1 flooded strand
3 island
1 misty rainforest
1 mountain
1 polluted delta
4 scalding tarn
3 volcanic island
4 ponder
3 preordain
4 show and tell
2 defense grid
2 grafdigger's cage
2 blood moon
4 leyline of sanctity
2 through the breach
1 wipe away
2 pyroclasm

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