RFT Random Format Tournament tournament Deck lists

These RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Sunday, October 1 RFT #magic-league Trial were updated by dschidi.

1st UR Turns bombshell RFT Random Format Tournament Deck

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UR Turns
1st - bombshell
Main Deck Sideboard
3 ponder
3 ancestral vision
4 capture of jingzhou
4 rolling earthquake
1 chandra nalaar
1 vivid creek
12 island
3 mountain
4 shivan reef
4 temple of epiphany
2 think twice
2 negate
4 cryptic command
4 jace, vryn's prodigy
2 keranos, god of storms
1 batterskull
3 walk the aeons
3 strategic planning
1 batterskull
2 sower of temptation
2 dictate of kruphix
2 negate
3 preemptive strike
2 surgical extraction
3 whipflare

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