Amonkhet Standard tournament Deck lists

These Amonkhet Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, September 23 Standard #magic-league Trial were updated by dschidi.

1st Temur Energy andSilas Amonkhet Standard Deck
2nd Ramunap Red dschidi Amonkhet Standard Deck

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Temur Energy
1st - andSilas
Main Deck Sideboard
1 skysovereign, consul flagship
4 bristling hydra
3 glorybringer
4 longtusk cub
1 rhonas the indomitable
4 rogue refiner
4 servant of the conduit
3 whirler virtuoso
3 abrade
4 harnessed lightning
2 censor
4 aether hub
4 botanical sanctum
4 forest
1 island
2 mountain
2 sheltered thicket
4 spirebluff canal
1 rootbound crag
4 attune with aether
1 confiscation coup
1 vizier of many faces
1 abrade
3 negate
2 spell pierce
2 essence scatter
2 chandra's defeat
2 confiscation coup
2 sweltering suns

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Ramunap Red
2nd - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
2 glorybringer
4 rigging runner
4 bomat courier
4 hazoret the fervent
4 earthshaker khenra
2 kari zev, skyship raider
4 ahn-crop crasher
2 captain lannery storm
1 vance's blasting cannons
4 lightning strike
3 shock
4 ramunap ruins
4 sunscorched desert
16 mountain
2 chandra, torch of defiance
2 sentinel totem
2 aethersphere harvester
2 rampaging ferocidon
2 glorybringer
1 vance's blasting cannons
3 abrade
1 chandra, torch of defiance
2 kari zev's expertise

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