Modern tournament Deck lists

These Modern Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Tuesday, July 25 Modern #mag Trial were updated by dschidi.

1st GR Ponza xJudicatorx Modern Deck
2nd Bant Eldrazi Goldenas Modern Deck

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GR Ponza
1st - xJudicatorx
Main Deck Sideboard
1 sword of light and shadow
1 sword of fire and ice
1 birds of paradise
1 thrun, the last troll
4 arbor elf
2 deus of calamity
2 primeval titan
2 scavenging ooze
1 hazoret the fervent
1 huntmaster of the fells
4 blood moon
4 utopia sprawl
4 windswept heath
3 stomping ground
4 wooded foothills
9 forest
1 mountain
1 kessig wolf run
3 chandra, torch of defiance
4 mwonvuli acid-moss
2 stone rain
3 bonfire of the damned
2 boom // bust
2 relic of progenitus
2 trinisphere
2 sun droplet
1 detritivore
1 kitchen finks
3 ancient grudge
2 sudden shock
2 anger of the gods

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Bant Eldrazi
2nd - Goldenas
Main Deck Sideboard
2 engineered explosives
4 drowner of hope
4 eldrazi displacer
4 noble hierarch
4 reality smasher
4 thought-knot seer
1 birds of paradise
4 path to exile
1 blessed alliance
1 forest
1 plains
1 breeding pool
3 brushland
3 cavern of souls
4 eldrazi temple
1 hallowed fountain
1 temple garden
4 windswept heath
3 yavimaya coast
1 ghost quarter
4 ancient stirrings
4 matter reshaper
1 eternal witness
2 grafdigger's cage
2 rest in peace
3 stony silence
2 blessed alliance
3 negate
2 natural state
1 elspeth, sun's champion

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