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These Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Tuesday, March 21 Historic T2 #mag Tourney were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Abzan Midrange ssynesthesia Other Fun Formats Deck
2nd Mono Black Devotion dschidi Other Fun Formats Deck
3rd Necropotence bombshell Other Fun Formats Deck

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Abzan Midrange
1st - ssynesthesia
Main Deck Sideboard
2 garruk relentless
4 liliana of the veil
1 isolated chapel
1 sunpetal grove
1 plains
1 swamp
1 forest
4 woodland cemetery
4 overgrown tomb
4 godless shrine
1 vault of the archangel
1 gavony township
4 temple garden
3 putrefy
3 abrupt decay
1 golgari charm
1 obzedat, ghost council
3 scavenging ooze
4 restoration angel
2 avacyn's pilgrim
4 thragtusk
4 voice of resurgence
1 unburial rites
1 sever the bloodline
4 lingering souls
2 centaur healer
3 deathrite shaman
1 blood baron of vizkopa
3 nevermore
1 curse of exhaustion
3 golgari charm
1 putrefy
1 abrupt decay

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Mono Black Devotion
2nd - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
1 whip of erebos
4 desecration demon
4 gray merchant of asphodel
4 nightveil specter
4 pack rat
1 erebos, god of the dead
4 underworld connections
3 devour flesh
4 hero's downfall
4 mutavault
16 swamp
1 temple of deceit
1 temple of malice
1 temple of silence
1 temple of malady
1 nykthos, shrine to nyx
4 thoughtseize
2 duress
2 whip of erebos
1 erebos, god of the dead
4 lifebane zombie
3 doom blade
3 pharika's cure
2 duress

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3rd - bombshell
Main Deck Sideboard
3 nevinyrral's disk
4 hypnotic specter
4 order of the ebon hand
4 necropotence
4 dark ritual
3 demonic consultation
4 contagion
4 strip mine
1 lake of the dead
18 swamp
4 drain life
4 hymn to tourach
3 icequake
1 nevinyrral's disk
2 tormod's crypt
2 ivory tower
1 zuran orb
1 knight of stromgald
1 gloom
1 dystopia
3 terror
3 choking sands

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