Kaladesh Standard tournament Deck lists

These Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Wednesday, February 1 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Andrew.

1st Sultai Midrange Andrew Kaladesh Standard Deck
2nd 5C CounterCat Gracco Kaladesh Standard Deck

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Sultai Midrange
1st - Andrew
Main Deck Sideboard
2 painful truths
2 transgress the mind
3 traverse the ulvenwald
2 liliana, the last hope
2 island
3 swamp
1 forest
2 lumbering falls
2 aether hub
4 sunken hollow
2 botanical sanctum
4 blooming marsh
4 evolving wilds
2 glimmer of genius
2 to the slaughter
1 murder
3 disallow
3 grasp of darkness
3 grapple with the past
3 fatal push
2 ishkanah, grafwidow
1 noxious gearhulk
2 torrential gearhulk
3 tireless tracker
2 walking ballista
2 natural state
3 negate
2 dispel
2 appetite for the unnatural
1 ob nixilis reignited
1 nissa, vital force
1 pick the brain
2 lost legacy
1 transgress the mind

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5C CounterCat
2nd - Gracco
Main Deck Sideboard
4 rogue refiner
4 felidar guardian
4 verdurous gearhulk
3 rishkar, peema renegade
3 walking ballista
4 winding constrictor
4 oath of nissa
4 unlicensed disintegration
4 aether hub
4 botanical sanctum
4 forest
1 island
1 plains
1 mountain
3 spirebluff canal
1 swamp
3 blooming marsh
4 saheeli rai
4 attune with aether
4 dispel
2 appetite for the unnatural
1 natural state
2 shock
1 negate
3 lost legacy
2 radiant flames

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