Kaladesh Standard tournament Deck lists

These Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Monday, October 24 Standard #mag Trial were updated by moscowdemon.

1st GU Marvel dschidi Kaladesh Standard Deck
2nd WR Vehicles ChedderBob Kaladesh Standard Deck
3rd GB Delirium Unseen Kaladesh Standard Deck

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GU Marvel
1st - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
4 aetherworks marvel
4 emrakul, the promised end
4 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
3 aether theorist
4 botanical sanctum
3 lumbering falls
3 island
5 forest
1 westvale abbey
4 aether hub
4 attune with aether
3 glimmer of genius
1 evolving wilds
4 woodweaver's puzzleknot
1 geier reach sanitarium
4 glassblower's puzzleknot
3 contingency plan
2 dispel
3 aether meltdown
1 aether meltdown
4 negate
2 confiscation coup
2 ceremonious rejection
1 world breaker
2 dispel
1 glimmer of genius
1 nissa, vital force
1 jace, unraveler of secrets

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WR Vehicles
2nd - ChedderBob
Main Deck Sideboard
4 selfless spirit
4 thraben inspector
4 toolcraft exemplar
4 veteran motorist
3 depala, pilot exemplar
2 pia nalaar
6 mountain
10 plains
4 inspiring vantage
4 needle spires
3 fleetwheel cruiser
4 smuggler's copter
2 harnessed lightning
2 skysovereign, consul flagship
4 declaration in stone
3 weaver of lightning
4 galvanic bombardment
2 skywhaler's shot
4 gideon, ally of zendikar
2 fragmentize

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GB Delirium
3rd - Unseen
Main Deck Sideboard
3 verdurous gearhulk
4 traverse the ulvenwald
3 liliana, the last hope
4 grasp of darkness
4 grim flayer
4 blooming marsh
4 hissing quagmire
2 blighted fen
2 evolving wilds
5 forest
7 swamp
3 kalitas, traitor of ghet
4 grapple with the past
3 tireless tracker
1 to the slaughter
3 vessel of nascency
1 noxious gearhulk
1 ishkanah, grafwidow
1 emrakul, the promised end
1 ruinous path
2 ishkanah, grafwidow
3 appetite for the unnatural
2 pick the brain
1 distended mindbender
2 dead weight
2 nissa, vital force
3 transgress the mind

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