Shadows over Innistrad Standard tournament Deck lists

These Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, June 11 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Lord_Cuddles.

1st UR Prowess Marcus675 Shadows over Innistrad Standard Deck

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UR Prowess
1st - Marcus675
Main Deck Sideboard
7 island
9 mountain
4 shivan reef
3 wandering fumarole
4 jace, vryn's prodigy
4 stormchaser mage
4 slip through space
4 titan's strength
1 dispel
2 jori en, ruin diver
1 zada, hedron grinder
2 thing in the ice
2 anticipate
4 expedite
3 goblin dark-dwellers
2 magmatic insight
4 rush of adrenaline
2 roast
2 dispel
2 elusive spellfist
2 pia and kiran nalaar
2 invasive surgery
1 ongoing investigation
2 tears of valakut
2 kozilek's return

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