Shadows over Innistrad Standard tournament Deck lists

These Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Monday, June 6 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Lord_Cuddles.

1st UR Eldrazi Control Fusilli Shadows over Innistrad Standard Deck
2nd GW Tokens Jinete_dV Shadows over Innistrad Standard Deck

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UR Eldrazi Control
1st - Fusilli
Main Deck Sideboard
3 drowner of hope
3 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
3 clash of wills
4 spatial contortion
1 warping wail
2 kozilek's return
4 void shatter
4 hedron archive
4 highland lake
5 island
4 mage-ring network
4 shrine of the forsaken gods
4 wandering fumarole
4 shivan reef
4 anticipate
2 jace, unraveler of secrets
2 chandra, flamecaller
1 mountain
1 yavimaya coast
1 scatter to the winds
3 negate
4 roast
3 thought-knot seer
1 rending volley
1 kozilek's return
2 fiery impulse
1 warping wail

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GW Tokens
2nd - Jinete_dV
Main Deck Sideboard
4 nissa, voice of zendikar
4 gideon, ally of zendikar
4 sylvan advocate
2 den protector
3 hangarback walker
2 lambholt pacifist
4 archangel avacyn
1 declaration in stone
1 tragic arrogance
4 dromoka's command
2 secure the wastes
4 oath of nissa
8 forest
7 plains
4 canopy vista
2 westvale abbey
4 fortified village
1 den protector
1 hangarback walker
1 lambholt pacifist
1 declaration in stone
2 tragic arrogance
2 stasis snare
1 silkwrap
2 evolutionary leap
1 hallowed moonlight
1 clip wings
1 linvala, the preserver
1 quarantine field

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