Shadows over Innistrad Standard tournament Deck lists

These Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, June 4 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Bant Humans Mort Shadows over Innistrad Standard Deck
2nd Grixis Control KittyCOW Shadows over Innistrad Standard Deck

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Bant Humans
1st - Mort
Main Deck Sideboard
4 collected company
2 ojutai's command
4 dromoka's command
4 reflector mage
4 tireless tracker
4 thalia's lieutenant
4 lambholt pacifist // lambholt butcher
3 duskwatch recruiter // krallenhorde howler
2 knight of the white orchid
4 thraben inspector
6 plains
4 fortified village
4 evolving wilds
3 prairie stream
3 forest
2 yavimaya coast
2 canopy vista
1 island
2 nissa, vastwood seer // nissa, sage animist
3 negate
2 den protector
3 gryff's boon
1 knight of the white orchid
1 sigarda, heron's grace
3 tragic arrogance

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Grixis Control
2nd - KittyCOW
Main Deck Sideboard
2 dragonlord silumgar
4 goblin dark-dwellers
4 jace, vryn's prodigy
3 kalitas, traitor of ghet
1 chandra, flamecaller
3 fiery impulse
2 grasp of darkness
3 kolaghan's command
1 radiant flames
3 read the bones
3 ruinous path
2 transgress the mind
2 ultimate price
3 evolving wilds
4 foreboding ruins
1 island
1 mountain
3 shivan reef
4 smoldering marsh
2 sunken hollow
5 swamp
3 wandering fumarole
1 dark petition
2 dragonmaster outcast
4 duress
3 fevered visions
1 ob nixilis reignited
3 radiant flames
1 silumgar's command
1 virulent plague

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