Battle for Zendikar Standard tournament Deck lists

These Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Wednesday, March 2 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Mardu Green gratefuldad0 Battle for Zendikar Standard Deck
2nd UR Eldrazi johnpyp Battle for Zendikar Standard Deck
3rd RG Ramp Hoppity Battle for Zendikar Standard Deck

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Mardu Green
1st - gratefuldad0
Main Deck Sideboard
2 chandra, flamecaller
2 hissing quagmire
4 sylvan advocate
2 needle spires
4 goblin dark-dwellers
1 canopy vista
4 shambling vent
2 smoldering marsh
1 cinder glade
2 kolaghan's command
2 roast
4 crackling doom
2 murderous cut
4 siege rhino
2 abzan charm
4 wooded foothills
2 windswept heath
4 bloodstained mire
1 swamp
1 forest
1 mountain
1 plains
2 duress
2 fiery impulse
1 wild slash
2 read the bones
1 kalitas, traitor of ghet
1 flaying tendrils
1 kozilek's return
2 pulse of murasa
1 radiant flames
1 ob nixilis reignited
1 ruinous path
1 cranial archive
1 kalitas, traitor of ghet
2 hallowed moonlight
3 rakshasa's secret
1 transgress the mind

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UR Eldrazi
2nd - johnpyp
Main Deck Sideboard
4 dimensional infiltrator
4 eldrazi skyspawner
3 foundry of the consuls
4 ghostfire blade
9 island
4 reality smasher
3 ruination guide
4 shivan reef
3 stubborn denial
3 thought-knot seer
4 tomb of the spirit dragon
4 whirler rogue
1 spatial contortion
3 yavimaya coast
2 sea gate wreckage
2 matter reshaper
3 eldrazi mimic
3 dispel
2 cranial archive
3 disdainful stroke
1 matter reshaper
2 drowner of hope
1 stubborn denial
3 spatial contortion

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RG Ramp
3rd - Hoppity
Main Deck Sideboard
4 windswept heath
1 cinder glade
4 chandra, flamecaller
4 world breaker
4 wooded foothills
4 whisperer of the wilds
1 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
3 ugin, the spirit dragon
4 shrine of the forsaken gods
4 sanctum of ugin
4 rattleclaw mystic
4 oath of nissa
3 nissa's pilgrimage
2 mountain
4 hedron archive
6 forest
4 explosive vegetation
4 reclaiming vines
3 winds of qal sisma
2 from beyond
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
3 windstorm
2 skysnare spider

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