Battle for Zendikar Standard tournament Deck lists

These Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Monday, February 29 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Andrew.

1st Abzan Midrange Jinete_dV Battle for Zendikar Standard Deck
2nd BW Warriors AlexPistols Battle for Zendikar Standard Deck

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Abzan Midrange
1st - Jinete_dV
Main Deck Sideboard
3 sandsteppe citadel
1 plains
2 languish
1 sorin, solemn visitor
3 painful truths
2 kalitas, traitor of ghet
1 canopy vista
2 ob nixilis reignited
1 swamp
4 shambling vent
4 hissing quagmire
2 ruinous path
3 grasp of darkness
4 sylvan advocate
3 windswept heath
3 llanowar wastes
3 forest
3 caves of koilos
4 abzan charm
1 tasigur, the golden fang
4 siege rhino
2 nissa, vastwood seer
3 den protector
1 utter end
3 arashin cleric
2 self-inflicted wound
2 transgress the mind
2 anafenza, the foremost
2 pulse of murasa
3 warden of the first tree
1 hallowed moonlight

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BW Warriors
2nd - AlexPistols
Main Deck Sideboard
4 arashin foremost
4 blood-chin fanatic
4 blood-chin rager
4 battle brawler
4 brutal hordechief
4 chief of the edge
4 bloodsoaked champion
3 mardu strike leader
3 mardu shadowspear
4 caves of koilos
7 plains
9 swamp
4 utter end
2 secure the wastes
2 timely hordemate
4 gilt-leaf winnower
3 hidden dragonslayer
2 kalitas, traitor of ghet
4 mardu woe-reaper

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