RFT Random Format Tournament tournament Deck lists

These RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, December 12 Random Format Tournament (RFT) #mag Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Burn CoughDaze RFT Random Format Tournament Deck

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1st - CoughDaze
Main Deck Sideboard
4 ankh of mishra
2 arc lightning
4 assault // battery
4 badlands
4 black vise
4 fireblast
3 flames of the blood hand
4 lightning bolt
2 mountain
2 mutavault
4 plateau
3 shard volley
4 stone rain
4 taiga
4 tribal flames
4 volcanic island
4 fork
2 manabarbs
2 red elemental blast
3 steam blast
4 disenchant
2 arc lightning
1 nevinyrral's disk
1 overload

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