RFT Random Format Tournament tournament Deck lists

These RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Saturday, August 1 Random Format Tournament (RFT) #mag Trial were updated by derflippi.

1st UR Delver Hades RFT Random Format Tournament Deck
2nd Aluren Kratos11 RFT Random Format Tournament Deck
3rd Goblins Jinete_dV RFT Random Format Tournament Deck

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UR Delver
1st - Hades
Main Deck Sideboard
4 shadow rift
4 delver of secrets
4 fiery impulse
4 repeal
4 snapcaster mage
4 counterspell
4 electrolyze
2 rhystic study
4 kindle
4 brimstone volley
1 power sink
4 steam vents
4 shivan reef
4 sulfur falls
5 island
4 mountain
4 negate
3 power sink
4 izzet guildmage
4 molten vortex

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2nd - Kratos11
Main Deck Sideboard
4 avacyn's pilgrim
4 coiling oracle
4 elvish visionary
2 evolutionary leap
4 leaf gilder
3 aluren
4 bounding krasis
2 loaming shaman
4 managorger hydra
1 momir vig, simic visionary
1 recycle
4 breeding pool
7 forest
4 wild cantor
1 elder of laurels
1 havenwood battleground
4 hinterland harbor
1 reflecting pool
4 yavimaya coast
1 simic growth chamber
4 naturalize
1 choke
1 leyline of lifeforce
4 harbinger of the tides
1 jhessian thief
1 laboratory maniac
2 mizzium meddler
1 vedalken plotter

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3rd - Jinete_dV
Main Deck Sideboard
4 lotus petal
8 mountain
2 forest
2 might of the masses
1 kessig wolf run
4 stomping ground
2 cursed scroll
4 subterranean scout
4 scab-clan mauler
3 goblin piledriver
4 dragon fodder
4 titan's strength
4 stromkirk noble
2 wasteland
4 goblin grenade
4 goblin glory chaser
4 abbot of keral keep
1 goblin bombardment
2 tin street hooligan
3 choke
2 havoc
2 scab-clan berserker
3 fiery impulse
1 avaricious dragon
1 nightbird's clutches

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by saurgoth on 2015-08-02 02:33 CET

lol how did you win a match with my pile, Kratos?

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