Khans Standard tournament Deck lists

These Khans Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Wednesday, July 29 Standard #mag Trial were updated by derflippi.

1st Heroic Bant Goldenas Khans Standard Deck
2nd Abzan Constellation seeBanane Khans Standard Deck
Top4 RG Ramp Cruel_Sadist Khans Standard Deck
Top4 4c Dragon Control tintcha Khans Standard Deck

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Heroic Bant
1st - Goldenas
Main Deck Sideboard
4 flooded strand
3 temple of enlightenment
4 mana confluence
1 island
4 plains
1 forest
4 windswept heath
1 temple of plenty
2 battlewise hoplite
4 favored hoplite
4 hero of iroas
4 seeker of the way
2 lagonna-band trailblazer
4 ordeal of thassa
1 ordeal of heliod
4 defiant strike
4 gods willing
4 dromoka's command
2 ajani's presence
2 aqueous form
1 monastery mentor
2 ordeal of heliod
1 treasure cruise
2 stubborn denial
2 disdainful stroke
3 encase in ice
2 monastery mentor
3 erase

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Abzan Constellation
2nd - seeBanane
Main Deck Sideboard
4 kruphix's insight
2 starfield of nyx
2 sigil of the empty throne
4 banishing light
1 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
4 windswept heath
1 temple of silence
1 temple of plenty
4 temple of malady
4 sandsteppe citadel
4 llanowar wastes
2 plains
2 forest
1 pharika, god of affliction
4 nyx weaver
4 eidolon of blossoms
4 doomwake giant
4 courser of kruphix
4 sylvan caryatid
4 herald of the pantheon
3 arbor colossus
3 hero's downfall
2 elspeth, sun's champion
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
2 extinguish all hope
2 glare of heresy
2 agent of erebos

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RG Ramp
Top4 - Cruel_Sadist
Main Deck Sideboard
3 elvish mystic
3 genesis hydra
1 hornet queen
3 rattleclaw mystic
4 sylvan caryatid
4 whisperwood elemental
4 courser of kruphix
3 dragonlord atarka
3 polukranos, world eater
3 xenagos, the reveler
10 forest
2 mountain
4 temple of abandon
4 wooded foothills
4 nykthos, shrine to nyx
2 purphoros, god of the forge
3 deathmist raptor
2 roast
2 plummet
2 gaea's revenge
2 nylea's disciple
2 mistcutter hydra
2 barrage of boulders
1 ashcloud phoenix
1 arbor colossus
1 nissa's revelation

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4c Dragon Control
Top4 - tintcha
Main Deck Sideboard
1 kolaghan, the storm's fury
2 foul-tongue invocation
1 dragonlord silumgar
1 dragonlord's prerogative
2 clash of wills
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
3 languish
4 dig through time
3 hero's downfall
3 dissolve
3 anticipate
2 dragonlord kolaghan
2 silumgar, the drifting death
4 silumgar's scorn
1 swiftwater cliffs
1 swamp
1 mountain
3 island
2 haven of the spirit dragon
1 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
4 polluted delta
2 bloodstained mire
2 dismal backwater
2 temple of malice
4 temple of epiphany
4 temple of deceit
1 ultimate price
1 liliana vess
2 ashiok, nightmare weaver
2 disdainful stroke
1 negate
2 drown in sorrow
1 duress
2 thoughtseize
1 kolaghan's command
1 anger of the gods
1 keranos, god of storms
1 tasigur, the golden fang

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by saurgoth on 2015-07-30 03:10 CET

Is the red really worth it in Grixis Dragons?

by Goldenas on 2015-07-30 12:25 CET

My heroic Bant not uw :)

by tintcha on 2015-07-31 00:26 CET

kolaghan worths the red splash mainboard, and keranos, anger and kolaghans are really amazing sideboards options, keranos can carry a game versus long games =P

by Asukafan2288 on 2015-09-23 23:05 CET

dont know what to do to make 4c dragons work post
rotatons but i will try to make it work fun deck ..

thanks for posting it and makenig it it was fun for a few weaks was testing it out on cockatrice was a blast ot play it

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