Khans Standard tournament Deck lists

These Khans Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Tuesday, July 14 Standard #mag Trial were updated by Jinete_dV.

1st Abzan Control tintcha Khans Standard Deck
2nd GW Constellation Wrinkle22 Khans Standard Deck
3rd RDW eper_mono Khans Standard Deck

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Abzan Control
1st - tintcha
Main Deck Sideboard
4 siege rhino
4 satyr wayfinder
2 tasigur, the golden fang
1 dragonlord dromoka
2 languish
4 hero's downfall
4 abzan charm
4 sandsteppe citadel
3 elspeth, sun's champion
1 ajani, mentor of heroes
1 ultimate price
1 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
2 forest
2 plains
1 swamp
4 windswept heath
4 temple of malady
4 temple of silence
2 llanowar wastes
2 caves of koilos
4 thoughtseize
1 liliana, heretical healer
2 den protector
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
1 dragonlord dromoka
1 sorin, solemn visitor
1 ajani, mentor of heroes
3 drown in sorrow
1 bile blight
1 duress
2 self-inflicted wound
1 dromoka's command
2 arashin cleric
1 ultimate price
1 crux of fate

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GW Constellation
2nd - Wrinkle22
Main Deck Sideboard
4 temple of plenty
4 windswept heath
3 blossoming sands
6 plains
6 forest
4 herald of the pantheon
4 nyx-fleece ram
4 courser of kruphix
4 eidolon of blossoms
2 silkwrap
2 banishing light
4 starfield of nyx
4 kruphix's insight
2 sigil of the empty throne
2 frontier siege
1 karametra, god of harvests
3 commune with nature
2 auramancer
4 spirit of the labyrinth
4 suspension field
1 silkwrap
2 banishing light
4 mastery of the unseen

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3rd - eper_mono
Main Deck Sideboard
3 zurgo bellstriker
4 lightning berserker
4 monastery swiftspear
4 thunderbreak regent
3 flamewake phoenix
4 eidolon of the great revel
3 titan's strength
3 wild slash
4 lightning strike
4 stoke the flames
3 searing blood
21 mountain
3 bathe in dragonfire
4 roast
2 arc lightning
3 outpost siege
2 scouring sands
2 goblin rabblemaster

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by on 2015-07-15 03:45 CET

Commune with nature seems legit.

by AlterSad on 2015-07-16 15:46 CET

lol @ commune

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