RFT Random Format Tournament tournament Deck lists

These RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Sunday, March 1 Random Format Tournament (RFT) #mag Trial were updated by derflippi.

1st Mono Green Trinity grimsha RFT Random Format Tournament Deck
2nd Naya Ramp matteosica RFT Random Format Tournament Deck
3rd UR Counterburn Wrinkle22 RFT Random Format Tournament Deck

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Mono Green Trinity
1st - grimsha
Main Deck Sideboard
4 plow under
4 garruk wildspeaker
4 rofellos, llanowar emissary
4 skyshroud elite
4 llanowar elves
4 elvish archdruid
4 nettle sentinel
4 verdant catacombs
4 misty rainforest
10 forest
4 masticore
3 regal force
3 land grant
4 elvish visionary
2 splinter
2 compost
2 pithing needle
2 murkfiend liege
2 acidic slime
2 vines of vastwood
2 snakeform
1 yavimaya hollow

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Naya Ramp
2nd - matteosica
Main Deck Sideboard
2 iona, shield of emeria
2 bogardan hellkite
4 khalni heart expedition
3 harrow
4 oracle of mul daya
2 nostalgic dreams
4 rampant growth
1 howl of the night pack
4 elvish visionary
1 ant queen
3 fireball
1 spitting image
1 planar cleansing
2 day of judgment
5 mountain
13 forest
6 plains
2 regal force
4 great sable stag
2 wickerbough elder
2 splinter
4 acidic slime
2 plow under
1 regal force

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UR Counterburn
3rd - Wrinkle22
Main Deck Sideboard
5 island
1 dust bowl
8 mountain
4 rishadan port
3 terramorphic expanse
4 scalding tarn
4 squee, goblin nabob
3 siege-gang commander
4 powder keg
3 ponder
4 counterspell
4 brainstorm
4 forbid
4 lightning bolt
4 earthquake
2 deep analysis
3 bribery
4 flashfreeze
4 coral net
4 pyroclasm

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by Strid3r on 2015-03-02 18:53 CET

Nobody played a good RDW

by saurgoth on 2015-03-02 21:29 CET

Ok, I'll bite.. Why did you call it Trinity instead of Elves! or 10-land Stompy?

by NathanTankus on 2015-03-03 06:58 CET

Compost into masticore crushed me game three. still felt like suicide black was very good in the format.

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