Zendikar to M13 Standards tournament Deck lists

These Zendikar to M13 Standards Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Thursday, June 14 Standard #mag Trial were updated by niknight.

1st UW Delver Freebirds Zendikar to M13 Standards Deck
2nd Solar Flare dumbrally Zendikar to M13 Standards Deck
3rd GR Aggro mtgsoldier Zendikar to M13 Standards Deck

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UW Delver
1st - Freebirds
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Glacial Fortress
8 Island
1 Plains
4 Seachrome Coast
2 Moorland Haunt
3 Cavern of Souls
4 Restoration Angel
4 Delver of Secrets/Insectile Aberration
4 Geist of Saint Traft
4 Snapcaster Mage
1 Dismember
3 Gitaxian Probe
2 Gut Shot
4 Mana Leak
4 Ponder
4 Vapor Snag
2 Thought Scour
2 Sword of War and Peace
1 Dismember
2 Phantasmal Image
2 Dissipate
1 Divine Offering
3 Hero of Bladehold
2 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
3 Celestial Purge
1 Mental Misstep

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Solar Flare
2nd - dumbrally
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Isolated Chapel
3 Seachrome Coast
2 Darkslick Shores
2 Evolving Wilds
2 Drowned Catacomb
4 Glacial Fortress
2 Ghost Quarter
3 Island
3 Plains
1 Swamp
3 Phantasmal Image
1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
3 Sun Titan
2 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
4 Lingering Souls
1 Unburial Rites
1 Dead Weight
4 Forbidden Alchemy
1 Go for the Throat
1 Ratchet Bomb
2 Gideon Jura
2 Day of Judgment
1 Doom Blade
2 Oblivion Ring
3 Ponder
3 Mana Leak
1 Ratchet Bomb
2 Terminus
2 Timely Reinforcements
1 Surgical Extraction
2 Consecrated Sphinx
1 Nihil Spellbomb
2 Celestial Purge
2 Negate
1 Flashfreeze
1 Divine Offering

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GR Aggro
3rd - mtgsoldier
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Kessig Wolf Run
4 Rootbound Crag
4 Copperline Gorge
1 Mountain
11 Forest
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Huntmaster of the Fells
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Strangleroot Geist
1 Thrun, the Last Troll
4 Borderland Ranger
3 Wolfir Silverheart
1 Acidic Slime
2 Sword of War and Peace
2 Sword of Feast and Famine
4 Green Sun's Zenith
3 Bonfire of the Damned
2 Thrun, the Last Troll
2 Ancient Grudge
2 Zealous Conscripts
2 Act of Aggression
2 Combust
2 Crushing Vines
3 Grafdigger's Cage

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by LuckyDucky on 2012-06-15 01:41 CET

yay delver

by mtgsoldier on 2012-06-15 01:46 CET

Zenit into mtgsoldier, the last troll
man i love that deck

by pankill on 2012-06-15 02:10 CET

trolling is an art,though mtgsoldier is not the last troll he ranks as the most charismatic of this site.Gj for the finish mtg

by mtgsoldier on 2012-06-15 02:37 CET

Thanks my kid, at least someone apreciates the great job that i do in this site, keeping the trolling levels as high as possible. And rage levels too obviously ( "oooooohh the kid raaaged :)")

by on 2012-06-15 04:37 CET

t2 has just been getting terrible over the last 5 years

by xBlueDemonx on 2012-06-15 06:22 CET

OMG freebirds thought and designed the same that LS Vargas hahahha

by Fanboy1 on 2012-06-15 07:36 CET

mtgsoldiers deck is really nice

by iSperia on 2012-06-15 07:45 CET

at least i lost to winner. Sorry that happened due to screw and mulligan to 3 )) gratz

by BILLA on 2012-06-15 09:17 CET

@mtgsoldier 4 borderland ranger?

by Alpha_n1 on 2012-06-15 10:51 CET

@mtgsoldier...using block card to play standard since 1994!

by mtgsoldier on 2012-06-15 11:27 CET

rangers are for mana consistency obv and to fuel some stuff like bonfire and kessig, they are better than i expected actually

by Thelemys on 2012-06-15 13:27 CET

Ranger can get some use with a sword in play.

by Shagrath on 2012-06-15 16:28 CET

Squire can get some use with a sword in play as well -.-

by mchosa on 2012-06-15 18:45 CET

The RG list is the same that won the modo ptq earlier this week. he just changed up the sb a bit same as me :D

by mtgsoldier on 2012-06-15 19:17 CET

i put one slime in main deck and took out the 4th banefire. still i think ill put the banefire in there again lol so many times i want a miracle :)

by LuckyDucky on 2012-06-15 21:55 CET

bonefire not banefire

by mtgsoldier on 2012-06-15 22:59 CET

8ters gonna 8

by InWaking on 2012-06-15 23:01 CET

Bonfire, not Bonefire, Nor Banefire.

by Fanboy1 on 2012-06-15 23:05 CET

"nor" not "Nor"

by Terri on 2012-06-18 20:55 CET

german corrects american bc of the wrong use of capital letters. who are you dickhead.

by standarizeMA on 2012-06-22 03:37 CET

Nice flare list, its card for card what I won with ;)

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