Vintage tournament Deck lists

These Vintage Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Sunday, November 13 Vintage #mag Trial were updated by Djinn.

1st MUD kamotero Vintage Deck
2nd Kuldotha MUD fierybolt Vintage Deck
3rd UR Landstill Incontroll Vintage Deck

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1st - kamotero
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Ancient Tomb
1 Strip Mine
1 Tolarian Academy
2 City of Traitors
4 Mishra's Workshop
4 Wasteland
2 Mishra's Factory
4 Lodestone Golem
4 Slash Panther
4 Phyrexian Metamorph
3 Phyrexian Revoker
3 Null Rod
4 Thorn of Amethyst
1 Mox Jet
1 Black Lotus
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mox Emerald
4 Tangle Wire
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sol Ring
4 Chalice of the Void
4 Sphere of Resistance
4 Relic of Progenitus
3 Crucible of Worlds
2 Wurmcoil Engine
4 Duplicant
2 Pithing Needle

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Kuldotha MUD
2nd - fierybolt
Main Deck Sideboard
1 Strip Mine
1 Tolarian Academy
3 City of Traitors
4 Ancient Tomb
4 Mishra's Workshop
4 Wasteland
1 Blightsteel Colossus
1 Duplicant
1 Karn, Silver Golem
1 Myr Battlesphere
1 Steel Hellkite
1 Sundering Titan
4 Kuldotha Forgemaster
4 Lodestone Golem
4 Metalworker
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Sol Ring
1 Trinisphere
3 Sphere of Resistance
4 Chalice of the Void
4 Tangle Wire
4 Thorn of Amethyst
2 Duplicant
1 Steel Hellkite
3 Relic of Progenitus
2 Phyrexian Metamorph
2 Crucible of Worlds
2 Pithing Needle
1 Wurmcoil Engine
1 Platinum Angel
1 Jester's Cap

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UR Landstill
3rd - Incontroll
Main Deck Sideboard
2 Island
1 Library of Alexandria
4 Mishra's Factory
1 Mountain
4 Scalding Tarn
1 Strip Mine
4 Volcanic Island
3 Wasteland
1 Blightsteel Colossus
1 Ninja of the Deep Hours
3 Snapcaster Mage
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sol Ring
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Brainstorm
1 Echoing Truth
3 Flusterstorm
4 Force of Will
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
3 Mental Misstep
1 Merchant Scroll
2 Mindbreak Trap
1 Mystical Tutor
2 Spell Pierce
4 Standstill
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker
1 Wipe Away
1 Fire/Ice
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Red Elemental Blast
1 Red Elemental Blast
2 Energy Flux
3 Nihil Spellbomb
2 Pyroclasm
2 Ravenous Trap
2 Shattering Spree
3 Surgical Extraction

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by Djinn on 2011-11-13 23:55 CET

Congrats kamotero on yet another vintage win

by kamotero on 2011-11-14 00:03 CET

ty djinn!

by coolcreep on 2011-11-14 02:52 CET

Slash panther is vintage playable? What?

by Mizukage on 2011-11-14 03:13 CET

Slash Panther is a decent clock. Plus its good vs jtms.

by Mizukage on 2011-11-14 03:13 CET


by [-a-L-e-] on 2011-11-14 03:24 CET

slash panter t1, phyrexian metamorph t2, gg t3 :D

by darkwizard42 on 2011-11-14 03:38 CET

this is awesome...the deck wins by making Slash Panthers...I might just start playing vintage cause it looks so fun

by tchiseen on 2011-11-14 04:19 CET

Stock up on your slash panthers now

by Pegleg on 2011-11-14 05:56 CET

Yeah people were playing it at the legacy world championships at US nats this year.

by Incontroll on 2011-11-14 07:09 CET

vintage championships at US nats this year.*

by pantheismftw on 2011-11-14 08:13 CET

Why not one mox opal in the top 2 decks? isn't that better than an offcolor mox?

I know ALMOST nothing of vintage, that was just my first thought. Why is this wrong?

by DonDiggy on 2011-11-14 11:31 CET

Opal is indiscussable. You dont want any requirements for your turn1 Acceleration. And you dont need that all-colored Mana because your spells are a) colorless or b) you just pay the shit with life and fine.

by kamotero on 2011-11-14 12:28 CET

Slash panther is incredible, perfect to kill JTMS, and perfect with metamorpfh, 1 game I start turn 1 panther, turn 2 2x metamorph GG

by Spyx on 2011-11-14 14:34 CET

Why no trinisphere?

by Incontroll on 2011-11-14 14:49 CET

why not zoidberg?

by kamotero on 2011-11-14 15:20 CET

I dont play trinisphere because only good in first hand, in next turns other sphere is better than trini.

by fierybolt on 2011-11-14 17:03 CET

what is more until yesterday i thought my version with kuldotha was better than the other but yesterday i realised that in the vintage metagame the faster version is much better

by espumito on 2011-11-14 17:46 CET

the deck of the winner really sucks

by Burton911 on 2011-11-15 00:18 CET

"the deck of the winner really sucks"

its hillarious when you see the different posting patterns of the various nationalities

If a german wins: Fellow Germans: "*the guys name* rocks"
If a portuguese wins: Fellow countryman: "portugal rocks"
If a spaniard wins: Fellow Spaniards: "dude your deck totally sucks"
If a amarican wins: everyone "dude both you and your deck totally suck"
If a french guy .. yeah im just kidding we know thats obviously not gonna happen :P

by Mizukage on 2011-11-15 00:47 CET

by Incontroll on 2011-11-14 15:49 CET

why not zoidberg?

this is the only comment that even remotely makes sense

by Blad01 on 2011-11-15 00:48 CET

hey burton I've already won a trial :p But there aren't that much french around.

True about american though XD Poor them haha.

by jfc on 2011-11-15 19:55 CET

yap, they're all banned lolol

by magicrichi on 2011-11-15 20:40 CET

kamotero wins t1 events with proxies and jfc doesnt

by magicrichi on 2011-11-15 21:00 CET


by Terri on 2011-11-15 22:01 CET

magicrichi doesent even play magic

by ChristPunchr on 2011-11-16 01:18 CET

How often does flusterstorm come online?
If it doesn't, disrupt might be better, no?

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