Lorwyn to 2013 Extended tournament Deck lists

These Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Monday, February 28 Extended (1.x) #mag Trial were updated by Djinn.

1st Elves! Mad03 Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Deck
2nd Ooze Combo wuzlking Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Deck
3rd Blightning Burn DSD-Steve Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Deck

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1st - Mad03
Main Deck Sideboard
18 Forest
4 Arbor Elf
4 Bramblewood Paragon
4 Elvish Archdruid
3 Ezuri, Renegade Leader
4 Heritage Druid
4 Joraga Warcaller
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Nettle Sentinel
4 Wren's Run Vanquisher
4 Imperious Perfect
3 Lead the Stampede
4 Leyline of Vitality
4 Plummet
1 Nature's Claim
1 Deglamer
3 Great Sable Stag
2 Obstinate Baloth

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Ooze Combo
2nd - wuzlking
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Misty Rainforest
1 Island
1 Swamp
4 Verdant Catacombs
4 Darkslick Shores
1 Murmuring Bosk
4 Twilight Mire
4 Forest
4 Hedron Crab
4 Noble Hierarch
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Necrotic Ooze
4 Fauna Shaman
1 Devoted Druid
1 Grim Poppet
1 Molten-Tail Masticore
1 Thornling
1 Shriekmaw
4 Vengevine
4 Makeshift Mannequin
4 Green Sun's Zenith
1 Shriekmaw
1 Kitchen Finks
1 Obstinate Baloth
1 Qasali Pridemage
4 Great Sable Stag
4 Thoughtseize
3 Mindlock Orb

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Blightning Burn
3rd - DSD-Steve
Main Deck Sideboard
5 Mountain
4 Blackcleave Cliffs
3 Arid Mesa
3 Dragonskull Summit
3 Teetering Peaks
2 Scalding Tarn
2 Lavaclaw Reaches
4 Goblin Guide
4 Figure of Destiny
4 Hellspark Elemental
4 Hell's Thunder
2 Anathemancer
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Burst Lightning
4 Searing Blaze
4 Flame Javelin
4 Blightning
2 Anathemancer
1 Leyline of Punishment
2 Arc Trail
4 Volcanic Fallout
2 Smash to Smithereens
4 Terminate

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by archmage521 on 2011-02-28 23:50 CET

sick its ooze! also 1st ;)

by Kbron on 2011-02-28 23:57 CET

awesome ooze list

by moscowdemon on 2011-03-01 00:39 CET

no quillspike in the ooze list? i think ive missed alot of the change in extended, need to get back to activeness

by Nantuko on 2011-03-01 06:59 CET

what the fuck is that ooze deck, seriously

by Boogaloo on 2011-03-01 09:09 CET

Hahaha, you would XD

by Duodax on 2011-03-01 10:37 CET

lol DSD netdecked a GERMAN deck ugh and topped with it ML is a fishpond, really

by on 2011-03-01 12:11 CET

ML is a fishpond indeed, but instead of water it has your tears.

by DSD-Steve on 2011-03-01 12:33 CET

I Waiting on the day, how Duodax will kicked from the Team...

by jfc on 2011-03-01 13:01 CET

gj mad! :) and where are the wu lists with stoneforge? :<

by Mad03 on 2011-03-01 14:20 CET

thx jfc and idk i only got to beat one

by DonDiggy on 2011-03-01 14:36 CET

gj steve, burn it up! :)

by Mitchmachine on 2011-03-01 21:52 CET

the UW list with stoneforge got kicked by stupidassooze

by mishimakaz on 2011-03-02 00:38 CET


by initD on 2011-03-02 00:50 CET

Too many people on here talk too much shit about what they think is bad, calling m-l a fishpond, yet theyre not in tops...lol

by maps on 2011-03-02 01:29 CET

by initD on 2011-03-01 19:50 EST
Too many people on here talk too much shit about what they think is bad, calling m-l a fishpond, yet theyre not in tops...lol


by moscowdemon on 2011-03-02 02:24 CET

etc until...
eot kill u

by on 2011-03-02 15:23 CET

well i dont like that much that necrotic ooze list i prefer another one with only B/G

altough it gets a hard time vs faeries.. :S

by Holzi on 2011-03-02 19:38 CET

moscowdemon, are you a retard? thats not even near to funny...

well, the ooze list is nuts.. nice job

by moscowdemon on 2011-03-02 23:23 CET

holzi, thats very unneeded, i see no reason for u to flame like that. and im asking because i dont see any in the list and the old one used to run it. and yes i see the grim poppet, but what about when u have no guys to hit with the ability anymore? quillspike made the combo go faster i think. unless im totally missing something here.

by on 2011-03-04 03:56 CET

Think DSD Steve got his sideboard a bit wrong. People will bring in Forge Tender and Firewalker in game 2. Should use Go for the Throat instead of Terminate. People will overextend feeling safe with the Tender. GfT followed by Fallout just completely blows them out.

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