Vintage tournament Deck lists

These Vintage Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Thursday, March 25 Vintage (T1) #mag Trial were updated by brimstone.

1st Affinity Miqo Vintage Deck
2nd Tezz Djinn Vintage Deck
3rd Burn KoToRRo Vintage Deck

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1st - Miqo
Main Deck Sideboard
2 Darksteel Citadel
4 Mishra's Workshop
1 Tolarian Academy
4 Seat of the Synod
7 Island
3 Thada Adel, Acquisitor
4 Master of Etherium
4 Lodestone Golem
4 Triskelion
1 Inkwell Leviathan
1 Mox Emerald
1 Black Lotus
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
4 Chalice of the Void
1 Mana Vault
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Hurkyl's Recall
1 Tinker
1 Trinisphere
4 Force of Will
4 Thoughtcast
4 Relic of Progenitus
4 Pithing Needle
3 Hurkyl's Recall
4 Mindbreak Trap

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2nd - Djinn
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Thoughtseize
4 Force of Will
1 Sphinx of the Steel Wind
3 Dark Confidant
1 Academy Ruins
1 Flooded Strand
1 Swamp
1 Misty Rainforest
1 Tolarian Academy
2 Island
2 Volcanic Island
4 Polluted Delta
3 Underground Sea
4 Mana Drain
2 Sensei's Divining Top
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Sol Ring
1 Time Walk
1 Voltaic Key
1 Brainstorm
1 Gifts Ungiven
1 Hurkyl's Recall
1 Tinker
1 Yawgmoth's Will
1 Mana Crypt
1 Fact or Fiction
1 Tezzeret the Seeker
1 Time Vault
1 Mana Vault
1 Mox Pearl
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Fire/Ice
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Ruby
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Black Lotus
1 Thirst for Knowledge
2 Pyroblast
1 Relic of Progenitus
4 Leyline of the Void
2 Krosan Grip
1 Tormod's Crypt
1 Tropical Island
1 Red Elemental Blast
2 Old Man of the Sea
1 Rebuild

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3rd - KoToRRo
Main Deck Sideboard
1 Strip Mine
15 Mountain
3 Gorilla Shaman
4 Grim Lavamancer
3 Jackal Pup
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Incinerate
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Chain Lightning
4 Price of Progress
4 Flame Rift
4 Lava Spike
4 Ankh of Mishra
1 Black Vise
1 Lotus Petal
4 Ensnaring Bridge
3 Seal of Fire
4 Tormod's Crypt
4 Red Elemental Blast

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by joacof on 2010-03-26 17:52 CET

Miqu! Miqu Miqu!

by asamodious on 2010-03-26 18:33 CET

why no mox in burn?

by SeveredLegio on 2010-03-26 18:37 CET

That first place deck has one afinity card in it.......... its workshop with blue duh... Congratz Mique nice deck build TEAM NIMBLE MONGOOSE

by Lynolf on 2010-03-26 18:45 CET

That's because brimstone sucks at naming decks. I mean, what kind of name is Tezz? Where you in a hurry for sex or something? :/

by Miqo on 2010-03-26 18:48 CET

Free Severedlegio from his unjust imprisonment!

Credits to Wiltstorm for the concept of mono-U Workshop "Aggro". :D

by SeveredLegio on 2010-03-26 18:49 CET

thank you sir

by cmc on 2010-03-26 20:36 CET


by SeveredLegio on 2010-03-26 20:46 CET


by cabof on 2010-03-26 20:48 CET


by Eldariel on 2010-03-26 20:49 CET

@asamodious: Because it's a bad deck.

by joacof on 2010-03-26 20:54 CET

Ya, conspirations will not beat us :)

by wiltstorm on 2010-03-26 21:41 CET


by dAEdaL on 2010-03-26 22:03 CET

This conspiracy must be true now.

by neosystems on 2010-03-27 01:47 CET

@asamodious why no mox in burn?

Because you'd rather have a burn spell.

by Eldariel on 2010-03-27 14:53 CET

neo: You'd rather have a Mountain?

by Failure on 2010-08-15 04:20 CET

Untitled Deck
Played by: tkgons4st | Record: 2-1-0
ROFLROFLROFLROFL if anyone ever looks at this
go look at that deck.. its like a mirrodin precostructed

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