Pre Shards Standards tournament Deck lists

These Pre Shards Standards Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Monday, February 1 Standard (T2) #mag Trial were updated by DARKING.

1st Boros Bushwacker ykpon Pre Shards Standards Deck
2nd Owl-Turbo Fog combomaster Pre Shards Standards Deck
3rd MonoB Vampires Krastino Pre Shards Standards Deck

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Boros Bushwacker
1st - ykpon
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Arid Mesa
4 Scalding Tarn
5 Mountain
4 Marsh Flats
5 Plains
2 Terramorphic Expanse
2 Goblin Bushwhacker
4 Goblin Guide
3 Ranger of Eos
4 Steppe Lynx
1 Elite Vanguard
3 Hellspark Elemental
4 Plated Geopede
2 Burst Lightning
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Path to Exile
3 Earthquake
2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
1 Hellspark Elemental
4 Harm's Way
2 Ajani Vengeant
2 Chandra Nalaar
3 Quenchable Fire
3 Day of Judgment

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Owl-Turbo Fog
2nd - combomaster
Main Deck Sideboard
1 Trapmaker's Snare
3 Lightning Bolt
3 Safe Passage
4 Howling Mine
4 Time Warp
4 Runeflare Trap
4 Ponder
3 Twincast
3 Jace Beleren
4 Font of Mythos
4 Angelsong
3 Arid Mesa
3 Scalding Tarn
4 Glacial Fortress
8 Island
4 Mountain
2 Plains
4 Archive Trap
2 Banefire
3 Flashfreeze
3 Day of Judgment
3 Negate

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MonoB Vampires
3rd - Krastino
Main Deck Sideboard
15 Swamp
4 Marsh Flats
4 Verdant Catacombs
3 Bloodghast
4 Gatekeeper of Malakir
4 Vampire Nighthawk
4 Vampire Hexmage
3 Malakir Bloodwitch
4 Vampire Nocturnus
3 Disfigure
2 Mind Sludge
2 Grim Discovery
4 Tendrils of Corruption
4 Sign in Blood
1 Bloodghast
1 Malakir Bloodwitch
1 Disfigure
2 Mind Sludge
4 Duress
4 Deathmark
2 Sadistic Sacrament

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by six on 2010-02-01 23:50 CET


by combomaster on 2010-02-01 23:56 CET

i told everyone my deck was jank

by combomaster on 2010-02-01 23:57 CET

whats bad six....give more of an explanation?lol

by DARKING on 2010-02-02 00:34 CET

Metagame breakdown, by DARKING

The trial had 87 players

13 Jund (14.94%)
6 UWR Control (6.89%)
5 MonoB Vampires (5.74%)
5 Dark Bant Trap (5.74%)
4 Boros Bushwacker (4.56%)
4 Esper Control (4.56%)
4 MonoW Control (4.56%)
3 Bant (3.44%)
3 RG Valakut Ramp (3.44%)
3 GWB Rock (3.44%)
2 Spread'em (2.29%)
2 WW (2.29%)
2 BU Vampires (2.29%)
2 WB Aggro (2.29%)
2 Grixis Control (2.29%)
2 Owl (2.29%)
2 Turbo Fog (2.29%)
1 Owl-Turbo Fog (1.14%)
1 RG Aggro (1.14%)
1 RGW Midrange (1.14%)
1 WB Control (1.14%)
1 Bw Vampires (1.14%)
1 4c Pyromancer Ascension (1.14%)
1 Gw Overrun (1.14%)
1 GW Ramp Trap (1.14%)
1 Naya Cascade (1.14%)
1 GWU Allies (1.14%)
1 RG Elves (1.14%)
1 RGW Land Destruction Control (1.14%)
1 WW Allies (1.14%)
1 4c Control (1.14%)
1 UR Control (1.14%)
1 Red Deck Wins (1.14%)
1 Barely Boros (1.14%)
1 Naya (1.14%)
1 BR Bloodchief Ascension (1.14%)
1 MonoG Aggro (1.14%)
1 MonoU Control (1.14%)
1 MonoR Goblins (1.14%)
1 Esper Turbo Fog/Open the Vaults (1.14%)

by Krastino on 2010-02-02 00:34 CET

Too bad I didn't face u combomaster ;)

by combomaster on 2010-02-02 00:36 CET

i have good game vs vamps

by Sebas_ on 2010-02-02 00:40 CET

i was especting more vampires decks

by dAEdaL on 2010-02-02 00:47 CET

I'm liking the 0 WWK in Top 3.

by Krastino on 2010-02-02 00:49 CET

It's not so good i think...with 4 duress, 4 mind sludge and 2 sadistic....btw we'll never know.
Gj for u and ur deck man! :)

by combomaster on 2010-02-02 00:57 CET

oh ok sure man a duress thats fine id prolly let that in mind sludge by the time u cast it id have draw down which you cant remove most likely even if u manage to get rid of one win con ill deck you if i get to turn 5 quite often you lose id say my game vs vamps is like 60-40 in my favour

by combomaster on 2010-02-02 00:58 CET

plus twin cast is really nice on sadistic

by mrwegle on 2010-02-02 04:02 CET


by OilSlick on 2010-02-02 04:54 CET

by dAEdaL on 2010-02-01 19:47 EST

I'm liking the 0 WWK in Top 3.
Especially since WWK is not legal yet

by cram320 on 2010-02-02 05:04 CET


by darkwizard42 on 2010-02-02 05:16 CET

OilSlick: worldwake has been legal on ML since Sunday 2/1...

So Fail on your part...

by bugaga on 2010-02-02 07:39 CET

Congrats ykpon!

by Mammonth on 2010-02-02 07:53 CET

GJ ykpon

by RiQuSP on 2010-02-02 10:01 CET

ya l'ubl'u Ykpon )))

by RezON on 2010-02-02 13:21 CET

Good joob ykpon. =)

by marc_31 on 2010-02-02 15:41 CET

GJ Ykpon!!!

by Via on 2010-02-02 16:14 CET

GJ ykpon

by darkwizard42 on 2010-02-02 17:56 CET

GJ combomaster


by is_adonis_cl on 2010-02-02 19:34 CET

WWK is suck!!!

by Emperok on 2010-02-02 20:17 CET

Nice deck ykpon. Last boros was very long time ago in top1 of ml. But it is still very strong deck.
First thing - why 1 elite vanguard instead of 4th spark?
Second - no cards from WWK. What about new pro red Kor?
And basic thing - I am really wondered about just 1 elf deck.

by Adiref on 2010-02-02 20:20 CET

A Smother has appeared!

by ChristPunchr on 2010-02-02 20:40 CET

I have a feeling that some people didn't even know that it waslegal in this trial.

As always, once there is a big event or whatever new cards are going to start showing up here. Original decks don't generally come up here unless it has been played somewhere else...not that there is anything wrong with that, just sayin'

by ykpon on 2010-02-03 00:43 CET

Emperok, in this build you quite often haven't three red mana to be able to combo into guide and a bushwhacker while not having any uncracked fetchlands to make cats work too. so i guess although vanguard is kinda bad by itself it makes a combofinish more stable.
Firewalker should probably fight with harm's ways for some sb slots as it seems to be useful in the same matches. not sure if kor is better as way is often a one for two or even one for three against red decks. probably i should somehow split them.

by Conkisstador on 2010-02-03 05:44 CET

some people in this thread sound really dumb lol...

worldwake is legal.
duress is not OK, twincasting sacrament is 'lol i suck'

and ya- i'm upset no cards from WWk showed up because there's some BROKEN decks.

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