Older Block Constructed Formats tournament Deck lists

These Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Tuesday, June 23 Alara Block Constructed #mag Trial were updated by DARKING.

1st 4c Cascade Ludz Older Block Constructed Formats Deck
2nd Sedraxis Aggro monogamy Older Block Constructed Formats Deck
top4 WUGbr Control Burton911 Older Block Constructed Formats Deck
top4 5c Control TugaChampion Older Block Constructed Formats Deck

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4c Cascade
1st - Ludz
Main Deck Sideboard
1 Arcane Sanctum
4 Exotic Orchard
2 Forest
4 Jungle Shrine
2 Rupture Spire
4 Savage Lands
5 Swamp
4 Mountain
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Broodmate Dragon
2 Enlisted Wurm
3 Putrid Leech
4 Sprouting Thrinax
1 Ajani Vengeant
4 Bituminous Blast
4 Blightning
4 Maelstrom Pulse
4 Terminate
4 Anathemancer
4 Celestial Purge
3 Infest
2 Magma Spray
2 Path to Exile

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Sedraxis Aggro
2nd - monogamy
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Ancient Ziggurat
4 Swamp
3 Mountain
1 Island
3 Forest
3 Exotic Orchard
4 Savage Lands
2 Crumbling Necropolis
4 Sprouting Thrinax
4 Putrid Leech
4 Noble Hierarch
2 Madrush Cyclops
3 Broodmate Dragon
4 Bloodbraid Elf
3 Sedraxis Specter
4 Terminate
4 Maelstrom Pulse
4 Blightning
1 Sedraxis Specter
4 Anathemancer
3 Caldera Hellion
3 Slave of Bolas
4 Vithian Renegades

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WUGbr Control
top4 - Burton911
Main Deck Sideboard
6 Island
6 Plains
3 Bant Panorama
1 Forest
4 Seaside Citadel
4 Arcane Sanctum
1 Swamp
4 Wall of Denial
4 Deft Duelist
2 Empyrial Archangel
3 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
3 Martial Coup
4 Path to Exile
3 Courier's Capsule
2 Oblivion Ring
3 Cancel
4 Armillary Sphere
2 Celestial Purge
1 Obelisk of Alara
1 Empyrial Archangel
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
1 Martial Coup
2 Oblivion Ring
1 Cancel
2 Celestial Purge
1 Obelisk of Alara
1 Mountain
3 Banefire
2 Bant Charm

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5c Control
top4 - TugaChampion
Main Deck Sideboard
3 Arcane Sanctum
4 Exotic Orchard
1 Forest
3 Island
2 Jungle Shrine
4 Rupture Spire
2 Mountain
3 Seaside Citadel
4 Swamp
4 Bloodbraid Elf
2 Caldera Hellion
2 Kathari Remnant
4 Wall of Denial
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
2 Ajani Vengeant
3 Bituminous Blast
3 Cruel Ultimatum
4 Esper Charm
4 Maelstrom Pulse
1 Obelisk of Alara
4 Traumatic Visions
4 Blightning
4 Celestial Purge
3 Deny Reality
2 Vithian Renegades
2 Thought Hemorrhage

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by Ludz on 2009-06-23 23:42 CET

Worst format ever. You feel lucky every time playing the deck, just cascade and you win!

I'd remove some Terminates, they are kinda bad, and add more Ajani MD, or even move the Anathemancers main, they are good.

by caesarthehun on 2009-06-24 00:36 CET

Well at least 5c cant really be done anym.....crap......the manabase is still ridiculously solid and people are playing cascade.....yep its not broken at all.

by monogamy on 2009-06-24 00:44 CET

I have to admit I lucksacked out in the semifinals vs the bant deck, due to him timing out. That's a really bad matchup for sedraxis.

by TugaChampion on 2009-06-24 00:55 CET

1 more top4 for The Portuguese Mafia!

by HuDat on 2009-06-24 04:38 CET

LOL NAS and lunari_ have the SAME EXACT MD.. funny

by Wichtelman on 2009-06-24 07:01 CET

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudz!!! :D

by GFSS on 2009-06-24 10:37 CET

Go go go tugaychampion and the portuguese mafia!

by Xarls on 2009-06-24 12:40 CET

Spectral Jund is always in da house

by coldfirero on 2009-06-24 13:33 CET

Jund Control seems better than either Spectral Jund or 4Color Cascade.

by Flaxh on 2009-06-24 14:59 CET

Nj TugayChamp <33

Well this is the worst format I've ever played and I really don't wanna play a format warped around cascade after LRW/SHM leave T2.

by wilier on 2009-06-24 15:18 CET

Ok now i dont like it too.

Portugues Mafia :C

PS: I'll be back.

by metzel_usa on 2009-06-24 20:42 CET

average of 6 cascade cards per 75 card lists...BALLIN...now i just cant wait for the new combat phase...wait "step"... rules to be introduced in 2010...woohoo go magic!

by Shindeiru on 2009-06-25 14:20 CET

Õh noes not Tugod!

by on 2009-06-25 16:22 CET

Good deck mono

by LexW on 2009-06-25 19:26 CET

Mono, I assume you don't play bituminous because of zigguart. But don't you think it's worth cutting the 3 sedraxis for better mana and better removal? Also, it is hard to cast slave of bolas with 4 ziggurat.

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