Older Block Constructed Formats tournament Deck lists

These Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Sunday, June 14 Alara Block Constructed #mag Trial were updated by DARKING.

1st Jund Control Duodax Older Block Constructed Formats Deck
2nd GWu Aggro Grominou Older Block Constructed Formats Deck
3rd 4c Control fenixmatt Older Block Constructed Formats Deck

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Jund Control
1st - Duodax
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Jund Panorama
4 Swamp
4 Mountain
5 Forest
3 Exotic Orchard
4 Savage Lands
2 Rupture Spire
4 Broodmate Dragon
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Sprouting Thrinax
3 Lavalanche
4 Terminate
3 Resounding Thunder
4 Bituminous Blast
4 Maelstrom Pulse
4 Blightning
2 Thought Hemorrhage
4 Vithian Renegades
3 Anathemancer
2 Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
4 Goblin Outlander

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GWu Aggro
2nd - Grominou
Main Deck Sideboard
9 Plains
4 Seaside Citadel
10 Forest
2 Battlegrace Angel
4 Dauntless Escort
4 Knotvine Paladin
2 Mycoid Shepherd
4 Noble Hierarch
3 Qasali Pridemage
1 Rafiq of the Many
2 Thornling
4 Valeron Outlander
2 Behemoth Sledge
1 Martial Coup
4 Path to Exile
4 Elspeth Knight-Errant
1 Mycoid Shepherd
1 Qasali Pridemage
1 Thornling
2 Martial Coup
4 Celestial Purge
4 Ethersworn Canonist
2 Filigree Fracture

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4c Control
3rd - fenixmatt
Main Deck Sideboard
4 Resounding Thunder
4 Oblivion Ring
4 Lavalanche
2 Banefire
4 Exploding Borders
4 Woolly Thoctar
3 Knotvine Mystic
4 Wall of Reverence
4 Noble Hierarch
4 Wild Nacatl
3 Plains
2 Mountain
2 Exotic Orchard
2 Grixis Panorama
2 Esper Panorama
4 Jungle Shrine
5 Forest
2 Swamp
1 Island
4 Celestial Purge
3 Qasali Pridemage
3 Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
2 Vithian Renegades
3 Battlegrace Angel

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by Ashmatan on 2009-06-15 00:16 CET

I hate decks that pack Wall of Reverence. Such a chicken-shit card. Oh no! I gotta hide behind my wall that gains me life and flies!
Oh, Terror?

by Malakai97 on 2009-06-15 00:23 CET

Should be called lolvalanche.

by DARKING on 2009-06-15 01:09 CET

lolvalanche, lol.

by Duodax on 2009-06-15 01:21 CET

Took Jund deck from last trial, improved it by dropping the bad Magma Sprays (there are NO Kitchen Finks in Block!!) and filling all the beef cards to 3-4.

by DS_McWerp on 2009-06-15 01:58 CET

spray kills hierarch. And elf. And leech. And paladin. And nacatl. And two of the three outlanders you fear. And makes thrinax worse.

But yeah, no finks in block.

Grats on the win :P.

by Duodax on 2009-06-15 02:10 CET

The only considerable enemy it kills is Sedraxis Specter actually...

by TugaChampion on 2009-06-15 10:10 CET

Duodax I'm not a block expert but killing Leech is good because they'll usually take 2 if you have just R open. So you're trading 1 mana for 2 mana and 2 life. Killing noble is also nice. Kill elf doesn't seems that important but it's a bonus having more targets for it. I dunno if paladin is seeing play. Killing 2 out of 3 annoying outlanders also seems pretty good. It's decent against Thrinax and yeah obv amazing vs Specter.

But it could also be the case that those beef cards are more important. Like I said I'm not too much into this block.

by Grominou on 2009-06-15 10:27 CET

Just to say the deck I played is a lot of fun and very powerful.

Elspeth is THE card of the game. Clearly.

by Lynolf on 2009-06-15 11:24 CET

A good challenge for block would be someone winning a trial without Bloodbraid Elf or Noble Hierach in their decks. Only Esper control comes to my mind. Is there any other deck capable of this?

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-15 12:55 CET

by Ashmatan on 2009-06-14 18:16 MDT
I hate decks that pack Wall of Reverence. Such a chicken-shit card. Oh no! I gotta hide behind my wall that gains me life and flies!
Oh, Terror?

You are right, when the cast terror in block that is GG... when you call the judge.

Wall of Reverance is just fine. It allows me time to set up for my big hitters. In fact all it or Wild Nacatl do is buy me time. Do I sometimes win with Nacatl or Wooly Thoctar? Yes, but generally I win with Banefire, Lavalanche, Resounding Thunder, or Exploding Borders(which is not bad in a ramp deck I have to say). Is wall killable, yup. But so is every other creature in the format that doesn't have pro black. Again it just buys me time.

Congrats to Duodax he played his deck very well.

by automonkey66 on 2009-06-15 13:08 CET

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-15 08:55 EDT
You are right, when the cast terror in block that is GG... when you call the judge.

Well aside from the fact that the card, you know, has shroud...

by Lynolf on 2009-06-15 13:15 CET

That's Wall of Denial, you ****!

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-15 15:07 CET

I wish Wall of Reverance had Shroud... it would be the best card ever! But no, you are thinking of Wall of Denial.

That said, you need to understand the design of the deck. It's basicly a ramp deck that has speed bumps till it can start throwing lavalanches for 6 and banefires for 10. Exploding Borders and Resounding Thunder have duel purposes. The 5 damage from Borders is just a bonus, it's there for ramp. 4 mana for a ramp by itself isn't good, but ramping + 4 to 5 damage makes it worth it. Resounding Thunder helps keep guys off me early and gets me an extra card AND 6 damage late. Really once my opponent hits 10 life they are in trouble because I can burn them out decently easy from there.

Does Jund do everything better that my deck is trying to accomplish? I say that because some people I played after seeing my deck and said why not just play Jund Ramp? The answer is they work differently.

Jund has a slight ramp to get to 6 mana... once they are at six mana they are good and they have efficient threats that can deal with the early game.

Domain hurts you while it's ramping and is less vulnerable to hate(the protection bears), it can also come back once it's put on it's heels which is something Jund struggles with. Domain can gain 5 to 10 life a turn or just draw 2 burn spells and suddenly win it's opponent has 13 life.

Where Domain sucks is it's manabase. It's manabase is awful. If you don't know how to aggressively mulligan(which I don't do well) you will lose as it's not just getting land, you need the right types. I have mulliganed a 7 card hand with 3 land before. I don't think that's a fixable problem that the deck has either.

Anyone that wants to try the deck though make sure you add Obliesk of Alara. The card's utility gets you out of a lot of jams. It was supposed to be in the deck I played, but I had to rebuild the deck as I was playing at a different computer and I basicly just forgot it.

by on 2009-06-15 17:07 CET


is Ajani Vengeant goor for ur deck?
and why u don't have any pulse and/or terminate?

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-16 12:37 CET


I'm currently testing vengeant in the deck. I'm running into 2 issues. Exploding Borders & Wall of Reverance are competing for that 4 casting cost slot both are too useful to cut to make room and without cutting them there is a lot I want to cast at 4 mana. The other problem is I can't really defend him will so I get 1 use and then the opponent kills him unless I have already wiped the board in which case I don't need him. So far Obliesk of Alara has worked much better in that slot, but yeah Vengeant is on my radar.

The answer to pulse and terminate is simple. I don't need them. Wall, Nacatl and Thoctar do a good enough job of holding my opponent at bay until my board sweepers go online. Also when my opponent has nothing on the board, My current removal is still useful Lavalanche, Banefire, & Resounding Thunder can all go to the face for massive amounts of damage. Terminate and Pulse just kinda site there and in with no tokens to fight maelstrom pulse is just a vindicate. The one card that might be okay to replace Pulse with is Oblivion Ring. The one problem I have with that is that Pulse is 2 colors where Oblivion Ring is only one. Like I said this deck has mana inconsistency and white is more readily available than black.

Does that make sense?

by stone_d on 2009-06-16 15:39 CET

Is knotvine any good? Trace of abundance just seems better. It more certain you can play it with the colors available, and if you play it you know it's not gonne die that easily. + It gives black.

And the panorama's... Why would you ever want to fetch an island? The only time you want it is when you play the exploding borders for 1 extra damage. But then you could search for the island none the less.
I'dd play jund/naya panaorama's

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-16 18:36 CET

The island is needed at times for Obliesk of Alara which didn't make it into the trial because I'm an idiot and had to build the deck last minute from memory.

What's more important is access to the swamp which outside of Exploding Borders I have no other way to get to it other than the panoramas. Naya Panorama doesn't get me what I need so there is no point.

Knotvine is crack. Smart people kill it immediately, but that's removal that isn't hitting a wall or a thoctar. Knotvine & Wall of Reverance are what keep this deck from being a bad Jund Ramp knockoff. The ability to Knotvin on turn 2 and Broodmate Dragon on Turn 3 is ridiculous. That said, it doesn't happen very often. What does happen more often is the extra mana you get from Knotvine Mystic makes the difference with Banefire, Lavalanche and Resounding Thunder.

The problem is with trace is that it doesn't attack. If you notice most of the cards in here do more than one thing. Exploding Borders ramps and does a good amount of damage. Resounding Thunder keeps quick aggro off of me and it does 6 to the dome and draws a card later. Lavalanche keeps creature off of me, and is burn, AND get rid of planeswalkers. When you clear the board with a lavalanche and you don't have an X spell in hand Knotvine Paladin gets in there for 2(or more if I have noble heirachs), where Trace of Abundance just sits there. Is Trace bad... not at all, in most decks I would prefer trace to Knotvine, just not in this one.

To wrap it up in a nutshell Trace of Abundance is more consistent, Knotvine Mystic is more explosive and serves more than one purpose.

by fenixmatt on 2009-06-16 18:40 CET

By the way... If anyone can build(and test... people who just are hating, I don't care) a better decklist, I'd like to hear about it.

The deck is by no means optimized and is still in flux as I'm trying to work it out and input is not only welcome but very much appreciated.

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