Interview with pan_klobuk, winner of the Oct 30th Master

Written by derflippi on October 31, 2016

pan_klobuk won the Standard Master on October 30th 2016. Battling through 6 rounds of Swiss and the Top8, he was the only player left to earn the 25$ prize. The user Snapcaster-Bolt interviewed him after the victory:

Reckless Bushwhacker from

Hi, congrats on your Masters Win!  I will be conducting you Winner's Interview
So first off, that finals was really sweet to watch!  Game one was super convincing and game two was really close.  How'd you think it went?

Yeah, Skyfish was really unfortunate being stuck on 2 lands game 1, and drawing all Goblin Bushwhackers in game 2 felt really unfair.
It sure looked that way!  So let's talk about your deck choice. It looked very strong for the weekend.  Why did you pick it (RW Sligh) in particular?

RW Aggro by pan_klobuk
Main Deck Sideboard
3 needle spires
3 plains
4 concealed courtyard
4 inspiring vantage
5 mountain
3 pia nalaar
4 inventor's apprentice
4 reckless bushwhacker
4 scrapheap scrounger
4 thraben inspector
4 toolcraft exemplar
3 gideon, ally of zendikar
4 smuggler's copter
4 outnumber
4 servo exhibition
3 aether hub
2 make a stand
4 declaration in stone
2 fragmentize
2 selfless spirit
1 lantern scout
1 gideon, ally of zendikar
3 harnessed lightning

I've always liked aggressive strategies and Bushwhacker is really strong.
What was your best sideboard card?
Probably "Make a Stand".

Make a Stand from

Snapcaster-Bolt: Spicey!
How/Who did you prepare for this, if at all?
I tried a few games against random people in main room on Cockatrice.
That's where a lot of us do, for sure.  What was your most interesting match of the weekend?  I'm sure the Bushwhacker engine gave you a lot of really explosive draws!
The games where i drew more than one Bushwhacker were really favorable for me, but there is no particular match in memory.
Ok. So, as our current number one Constructed ranked player, what does this Master title mean for you?  Is the cushioning nice?
It feels great.
1870 is EXTREMELY Impressive!  Congrats on that too!
Really, is that a lot?
You're #1 on the Constructed Points Leaderboard - of course!
pan_klobouk: Sweet.
So finally, and most importantly - what are you gonna do with that $25 prize?
I havent decided yet.
Buying Foil Bushwhackers has to be on that list for sure now though, right?
Haha, I already bought 20 copies of them.
Wow!  True Fan right here!  Anyway, so congratulations again of you're Masters Win, and well see you around the servers some time soon!
Thanks so much! See you around.

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by MikolajDomin on 2016-11-04 19:57 CET

Interview with winner is much better than interviewing all top8 compatitors, great idea!

Congratulations Pan_Klobouk!

by AndrzejBluzk on 2016-11-23 23:01 CET


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