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Written by iKringe on April 16, 2018

Hello Magic-League,


As you are probably aware Magic-League has been going through a time of change recently. Theses changes have included Jaden handing the reins over to iKringe, the server switch, and our continued efforts to hold a more varied tournament schedule, but we have even more changes coming in the future. However now we want to ask for your, the Magic-League community’s, help. How can you help? Well, first off, iKringe has recently been given access to the website from ZeldaZach and can now make changes and update it as needed. Part of that updating is going to include fixing any errors that the site may have, so if you see or have seen any issues with the Magic-League website please leave a comment on this article so that it may be addressed. Additionally we are looking for any other suggestions that you may have on how to make the Magic-League experience a better one for all of its users, just as with issues with the site please leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Our primary goal at the moment is getting the the site cleaned up and up to date so at this time those suggestions will take precedence but we welcome any and all suggestions.

Thank you all,


-Magic-League Staff

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by SubZeroEffs on 2018-04-16 14:43 CET

make this work:

easier access to the forums would facilitate positive growth

also fix the sporadic appearance of this:

by Scuta04 on 2018-04-22 19:07 CET


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