Large Updates to Magic-League, Progress Report, and more...

Written by iKringe on February 26, 2018

We've accomplished a BUNCH in the short time I've been running things. We've seen the re-appearance of daily trials, bi-weekly Masters, and so much more! I'm getting ahead of myself though. Let's focus a bit and then you'll all see why I'm so excited.

Let's start off simple:

1. Increasing traffic to Magic-League: Success!

This was a relatively easy goal to fulfill as Magic-League had been suffering from a lack of traffic for so long that increasing the numbers was easy, however, what I did not expect was to get the amount of support from the community that we got. When the trials were re-announced we ran into issues of rescheduling and re-posting due to attendance, and this wasn't uncommon. For MANY tournaments and MANY days we had trouble filling tournaments. However, over the last few weeks we've not had that problem, and in fact we've been rather full on people - this of course is relative to the amount of people we've had in comparison to the months prior.

2. Addition of Trials/Masters: Success!

This was a much harder goal to accomplish, regardless of how simple it sounds. "Just add them in and be done with it", I hear some of you saying from the back, and all I have to say is.... Shush. Let me tell my story. While adding these events back into the calendar was easy, the harder part was finding participants and judges willing to host. It's far more difficult to make sure people do what they're supposed to when you're unable to threaten them with the loss of their jobs(which are volunteered for), pay(which they don't get), or bodily harm. However, this is why it was so vitally important that support for Magic-League began to grow as much as it did over the months I was in charge, because it gave us just enough people to run our Trials at first, which in turn gave us PLENTY of people to fire our Master(22!)due to all the hype created around it coming back, and the winners of the trials wanting to win that sweet cash prize!

3. Setup for the future: Success!

This is also straight-forward, but let me explain it, because I like to sound like I know what I'm talking about even when I'm just explaining simply topics. Me and a team of other users have secured programmers for the website to fix MANY issues with the site, as well as add on options/features YOU have requested, secured the calendar for the next month(here)and created this: here

This is a discord for Magic-League! Feel free to join! This is where we'll be posting all announcements, articles, and the like! However, you can also use it to chat! Feel free to join. When you join, IF you're a Judge please type your Cockatrice user name and your judge level!

However, our goals have not ALL been met, and I feel like they are just as important to highlight, but in far less detail, because I cannot divulge ALL the information as of yet.

1. Rebranding: Failure.

We've had trouble in this field, because of funding issues and because we don't yet have a large enough sample size of people to make this decision(8 of 25)

2. Social Media interaction/updating: Failure.

We do not currently have anyone that is in charge of our Social Media, nor updates to it/posting to it.

Our success' outweighs our failures, and this is the important part that I wanted to get to from the beginning: Thank you all for your continued support throughout these last couple of confusing months with my role being sort of.. in the air, and I hope going forward we can continue to cooperate and be as fully involved as we have been. I see Magic-League getting lots of new breath put into it. Again, thank you to EVERYONE for ALL of their support Have a wonderful day. ~iKringe/Frank

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