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Written by iKringe on February 25, 2018

Hello all! ;D I believe that Magic-League is starting to grow, and with talks of contracts with certain developers in terms of our website, I believe we can begin reconstruction of a site that very much needs our attention and love. It's this very same thought that came to me this morning when pouring myself some Mini Wheats that was quickly followed by an epiphany: If Magic-League grows, we as a community need to grow/adapt/change with it! So, it's with that that I pass off these questions to you: 1. Concerning Trials and Masters, do you feel we should have them more often then we do? 2. How would you feel about Invitationals, and what would you like to see their restrictions be? 3. Team events ARE possible, but they would take a long time. Would you like to see them/try them out? As far as each question goes, the only one I really have anything to say about is the first. I remember a time where Masters/Trials were more common, and we had an abundance of people/judges. This, of course, was a long time ago, and after suffering through MANY problems and challenges, I think we're ready to leap back into the game. I would like to end this with one more question: Do you, the users of Magic-League, approve of the way I've been running/handling things here? And of course, I welcome all constructive criticism Thank you all for your time. ~iKringe/Frank

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by iKringe on 2018-02-25 17:04 CET

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Ignore the formatting issues. I'm working on how to fix it for future articles. Thank you! ;D

by Hermain on 2018-02-26 10:46 CET

yo u doing a great job first of all! I think yes with a growing community we need to improve trials and masters and it will be cool to do a team event like those 3vs3 in the 3 different formats (legacy,standard,modern) or team sealed but maybe they are more complicated...those are my suggestions hope I helped out :)

ps: there is an issue with the time,while Im writing here from Italy it is 11:48 CET not 10:48,same issue with GMT, thx.

Leader team Spaghetti xD

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