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Written by Jinete_dV on September 04, 2017

Tell us which formats you'd like to see more of as trials and scheduled minis.

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by Wrinkle22 on 2017-09-04 04:13 CET

big fan of rft, vintage, tribal (tripleclams or censored's version and wizards version). Also liked Canadian highlander but its hard to know if decks are legal. Mostly would like to see more limited. Be it drafts( preferably throwback or cube but current block is okay) or sealed, would also like to see how people respond to trying the old mtgo sealed with 4 boosters.
so to sum it up
-Canadian highlander
-throwback drafts
-cube drafts
-any draft
-sealed events in same formats and order as drafts
-4 booster sealed

by jediwu on 2017-09-04 16:44 CET

Old School 93/94

by SOAD on 2017-09-05 14:53 CET

I love sealed and oldschool formats like Oldschooll Standard or Extended, RFT fits this section

by Strid3r on 2017-09-06 10:12 CET

Homelands Sealed and similar hahahahahaha

by Tommycakes on 2017-09-06 17:56 CET

Yeeesssssss get me some 93/94

by Tommycakes on 2017-09-06 17:59 CET

If we do 93/94 we should use Sweedish Banlist, the American Banlist is stupid

by MikolajDomin on 2017-09-06 19:46 CET

I hope for more RFT, maybe even Master in RFT. Also as many Chaos or/and Cube drafts as we can get.

by GreenBear on 2017-09-08 16:43 CET

I think the niche now for magic-league, is more casual formats wizards does not cater for.

But wizards just threw you a massive bone unintentionally by doing there usual nothing about the cheating going on in magic online draft leagues. Putting people like myself who hate to be cheated off playing them full stop. I haven't played an online league since prerelease now, since I ran into a deck with 6 rares and 12 uncommon's.

by MagicofPlaye on 2017-09-09 01:00 CET


I like actual draft, cube, and tribal. In that order.

by SkegVegas on 2017-09-10 16:03 CET

Legacy & Modern - No Standard! :)

by KathyCloven on 2017-09-13 18:10 CET


by j0nas on 2017-09-16 17:36 CET

Vintage, Historic Standard

by persuasor on 2017-09-17 16:53 CET

standar always standar

by Scuta04 on 2017-09-17 22:51 CET

throwback draft, cube draft

by Diego2486 on 2017-09-20 14:07 CET

pauper legacy

by persuasor on 2017-09-22 19:42 CET

standar - draft

by Decousa on 2017-10-05 21:24 CET

Pauper Legacy

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