How to fix problems with your security code

Written by Oppo on February 10, 2014

Every time a new magic set is released, players using Magic Workstation experience a common problem with their security codes in sealed pools not matching the one the site gives. This is caused by a card name generated by the website sealed generator not matching the card name exactly as given in the MWS patch. This problem was most prevalent with double faced cards and split cards, but has cropped up again with Born of the Gods and the card “Unravel the Aether.” A commonly used  Born of the Gods patch has it named “Unravel the AEther” and the difference in capitalization is causing the card not to import when pasting your deck from the website into MWS.

To avoid receiving a game loss for joining a match with an incorrect security code, please update your masterbase if a card fails to import to match what is on the website and paste your deck again.

If you notice a problem and have no idea how to solve it, join #judges4you as soon as possible!
You can preemtively work against committing the infraction TE-Incorrect Security Code this way.


Below, you’ll find a detailed step by step guide for editing a card name in MWS:

1. Open Workstation

2. If necessary, change your view to library mode (View->Library Mode(Classic))

3. Right click the card in question and press Copy

4. Right click the card in question and press View/Edit Record

5. Edit the name of the card to match what is listed EXACTLY on the site. For this example, Unravel the Aether.

6. Press OK to save your changes.

7. Right click the card in question and press Paste(this will make a copy of the unedited card so that you have both).

8. Select a card in the masterbase and go to File->Save Deck/Library

9. If you wish to edit additional cards, repeat steps 2-8 as many times as necessary.

10. Close Workstation and restart it.

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