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Written by coboney on January 30, 2014

Disconnections Guide There seem to be a lot of questions about how to reconnect and what the Magic-League procedures on this are. This guide is written with regards to that and assisting players using a play application.

First – recommended reading is CMA-Flippi’s treatise on Magic Workstation errors and how to avoid them. Read it here and then come back if you haven’t before.

Now that we have some common ground, lets say despite all of this because something happened your game got disconnected. What do you do?

First step. TAKE A SCREEN SHOT. Take this before you try anything else. This is a pretty simple procedure but we’ll go over it here.
1) Press the print screen button (prt sc sometimes for short) with the game window and error showing.
2) Go to www.imgur.com (or your photo upload site of choice)
3) Hit Web under upload.
4) Press Control V and paste it in there.
5) Press Start Upload
6) Tada! You have a screenshot online with a link to it.

Second – After you and your opponent have both done this – SAVE LOGS. This is done in MWS by going File – Save Message Log. Save it somewhere you can find. This is only necessary if you do not autosave logs. If you do that, then just go to your autosave gamelogs folder and make sure its there.

To set up autosave please go Options – Preferences – General and check the Autosave Gamelogs button.

To upload your logs to the site you click on the Log Viewer/Uploader on the left side of the page found at http://www.magic-league.com/mllogger/. Click Choose File. Go to where you either saved it – or your gamelogs folder in your Magic Workstation Folder.

Now you have uploaded logs if they are needed later or know how to do so if requested. Next step is dependent. If you’re game disconnected but MWSPlay did NOT crash continue here. If not skip down a step.

So now you try to reconnect. This is done using Options Reconnect – reconnecting is often unstable and doesn’t work well but it can save on occasion a gamestate if used properly.
1) The same player who made the original game must make the reconnect – it does not have to be on the same server.
2) Once connected, both players are to go hit Options – Synchronize and give MWS a moment.

Synchronize in this case will give MWS a chance to fix the differences in game states that likely popped up. If it fails to reconnect here go to the next step – same as if you had crashed completely.

Now you have lost the game state due to crash or inability to reconnect. You go to judges and explain the situation. Please cover the following things
1) What was going on in the game
2) What interactions you were doing between cards
3) What you did to reconnect
1) Accuse your opponent of cheating
2) Talk about your cards in hand or on board winning the game.

Now link the judge who is handling your case to both Logs and Screenshot. If both players do this it is often possible to figure out what caused the crash.

Hopefully this along with Flippi’s excellent work will help you better when dealing with crashes and disconnections

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