[Sponsored] Free Cards up to $5!

Written by Weedmonkey on July 16, 2013

$5. 3.5 Euro. 458 Yen. 1487 Zimbabwean dollars.

So, what can you get for 1487 Zimbabwean dollars? As it turns out, more than you think:

  • Cheap rares to pad out your Commander deck.
  • Common playsets of M14 cards for your next FNM trip.
  • Your very own Mirror Gallery.
  • Mountain Goats, and lots of them!

It doesn't seem like a huge amount of money (unless of course you live in Zimbabwe), but when you're looking to splash on a deck for a PTQ or try a new Commander out every dollar you save is money you can put elsewhere (whether it be more cards, or pizza).

Supporting MTGMadness means supporting Magic-League, and with new cards in stock now is a fantastic time to show that support. If there's a card that you want that isn't in stock, get into touch with MTGMadness and they'll be more than happy to give you a hand if they can.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner to the left and start shopping!

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