[Sponsored] What to Do with 20% Off

Written by Weedmonkey on June 02, 2013

When it comes to purchasing cards, 20% off is a pretty big deal. If you're buying M10 Lightning Bolts it might not sound like much of a big deal at a 1 cent discount on the average price, but when you're looking at cards such as Primeval Titan ($1 discount on average), Tarmogoyf, ($18 discount on average), or a foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor ($130 discount on average), it can certainly start to add up.

For a limited time only, our fantastic sponsors MTGMadness are offering 20% off every purchase. This suffice to say, is nuts. Whether you're a casual or tournament player, there is something to gain from this offer.

So, what can you do with 20% off everything?

  • Pad out your Commander decks, or buy new ones. 20% off can massively cut down on the price of adding to your Commander war chest. Whether you're wanting to pimp out your Atogatog foil Commander deck (and if you don't have one of these, shame on you), or want to pick up a bunch of cards to try something new, this offer is the best time to do that.
  • Buy bulk rares ahead of new set releases. When Standard rotates, sometimes you'll see prices spike as new archetypes come to the fore and successful decks at tournaments drive up the prices for some cards. If you're feeling lucky, why not buy cards now to try and sell later at a higher price?
  • Snap up shocklands as a long-term investment. With Return to Ravnica block going out of print in the near future, prices will start to rise as more people play Modern and less lands are available. While shocklands will never reach the nauseating heights of the original dual lands in cost, if you're patient it might be worth investing in these for when prices start to go up.
  • Impress the opposite sex. Nothing says that you're irresistible like slapping down a playset of Ice Cauldrons in front of a member of the opposite sex at your local Mana Bar and saying, "Wanna play Magic?" Whether they're a gamer geek or an uptight lawyer, nothing builds relationships like shuffling up some cardboard and spending half the night arguing over the rules.

There are of course many more things to do with 20% off every purchase (purchasing more Mountain Goats is always a sound course of action), but the above should be sufficient to get the creative juices flowing in how to make the most out of MTGMadness' offer.

Remember that by purchasing from MTGMadness, you're also supporting Magic-League into the future. If there's a card you want that they don't have in stock, drop them an email and they'll be more than happy to do what they can for you.

So what are you waiting for? Click the banner to the left and get shopping!

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by thedarkness on 2013-06-03 05:19 CET


-buys all of the Mountain Goats-

by thedarkness on 2013-06-03 05:25 CET

Guys, this deal is the tits. I just bought TWENTY FIVE ICE AGE MOUNTAIN GOATS AT 20% OFF. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

Seriously, utilize this deal while you can. Do it for the lulz!

by GreenBear on 2013-06-07 22:07 CET

Goats are a waste of money, grizzly bears are where its at.

by thedarkness on 2013-06-11 23:28 CET

Pff. My 20 mountain 40 mountain goat deck will WRECK your 20 forest 40 grizzly bear deck. TRY ME.

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