(Standard) Treasure Island

Written by Jacois on February 14, 2011

Hi, I'm Jacob Slade. One of the things that attracts me to Magic is the chance to make myself feel significant. This is a basic human need of mine, and I try to express it through flashy rogue decks. This is why I have continued to play for so many years.

With the release of Mirrodin Besieged, I delved into T2, exploring every avenue I thought unexplored. Not unlike Columbus discovering the new world, my passion and determination paid off in a way unlike any I could have possibly dreamed. This is the story of The Deck to end all formats.

Jacois Presents..... *Trumpet noise * Buuurrrrrr-Burrrrrrrr-BEE-Duuuuuuuuuuur!

MUC - Treasure Island
Main Deck Sideboard
18 Island
1 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Quicksand
1 Mystifying Maze
1 Tectonic Edge
1 Magosi, the Waterveil
1 Bojuka Bog
3 Trinket Mage
3 Treasure Mage
1 Memnite
1 Wurmcoil Engine
1 Triskelion
3 Everflowing Chalice
1 Expedition Map
1 Elixir of Immortality
4 Ratchet Bomb
1 Mox Opal
4 Contagion Clasp
1 Spine of Ish Sah
1 Mindslaver
1 Contagion Engine
4 Spreading Seas
3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 Brittle Effigy
2 Blue Sun's Zenith
3 Tectonic Edge
1 Elixir of Immortality
1 Treasure Mage
2 Spine of Ish Sah
1 Mindslaver
2 Contagion Engine
3 Mana Leak
2 Spell Pierce

To give you a feel for how this deck works, I am going to go right into the matchups. I always find card by card analysis to be the most boring part of any deck article. Do you understand where I'm coming from? I believe that if you're reading an ML deck article that you know how cards play. I also believe that you can take a look at the list and get a general idea of how the deck wants to win. What I want to show you is how the deck specifically deals with different situations, not just the general "idea" of how it wins.

I will start with an overview of the matches I have played with the deck thus far. I will be giving my own opinions; and insights of specific cards throughout. My goal is to SHOW you how Treasure Island works, not to tell you.

Match 1 VS. Kamahl63 (MWSPlay)

Yes, it's MWSPlay, give me a break. Opponent is playing Goblins and it went a little something like this.

Game 1 :

I win the roll and lead with an island which is met with Kuldotha Rebirth off a Chimeric Mass. I respond with a Spreading Seas, he lays a Pest, I Clasp the Pest, Kamahl63 lays another Pest, I Trinket Mage for a Memnite. Contested War Zone and an Alpha Strike takes me to 10. I seas the War Zone, opponent lays a Goblin Guide and knocks me to 5, I draw dead and die. C'est dommage!

Game 2 :

Kamahl63 lays Basilisk Collar off a mountain and passes. Yay! And no, I have no idea why he's using Collar, but hey, I don't know everything, and this is MWSPlay, so make your own conclusion. I lay double seas and a Ratchet Bomb and he concedes without making another play. *whew* I've seen this deck come back too many times to hesitate on his offer, and it's off to G3.

Game 3 :

Kamahl63 gets 3 gobbos off a Chimeric Mass, blah blah blah. Signal Pest! Smash for 3! WOWIE ZOWIE! Ratchet Bomb comes down so I might actually be able to win this one. I sac the bomb when he attack, then Kamahl63 casts another Rebirth saccing the Pest. I come back with Trinket into Memnite. I love playing 1 memnite, it's hilarious. He stalls out as I lay a couple Spreading Seas, than a Treasure Mage fetches me a Wurmcoil Engine. Kamahl63 disconnects.

Yay! I beat gobbos with MUC!! How is that possible?! I didn't sideboard at all because the maindeck is designed to optimize the otherwise impossible aggro matchups.


Match 2 vs. UW Control :

I don't know the name of the guy I played, but he was UW control. I overran him with Trinket mages and 1 memnite G1. G2 I boarded in 2 slavers, 2 Contagion Engines, 2 Spines, 2 Treasure mages, and 3 edges. I took out my everflowing Chalices for the 3 Edges beacause he was using Ratchet Bombs. Blah blah blah, I won 2-0. I had closed MWS after the game so I couldn't give a better version of what happened. Oops!


Match 3 vs. Raybelfast (BR Vampires) :

BR Vampires should be a good matchup for me. This is because my deck has 4 bombs, 4 Clasps, and 4 Spreading Seas maindeck. This isn't just a nice coincidense, it's a concession that MUC HAS to have these cheap answers to survive the early game.


Raybelfast starts fast with a Lacerator into Kalastria Highborn into Dark Tutelage to my Brittle Effigy into Spreading Seas into Trinket Mage which Fetches Memnite. Mage and Lacerator trade as Highborn drains me. I lay another Trinket Mage for a Mox Opal, Raybelfast comes down with a Kicked Gatekeeper into Viscera Seer. His board is getting out of control as I sink to 10. I lay a Contagion Clasp to take out the Seer, then a Treasure Mage which fetches me a Wurmcoil Engine. Raybelfast plays a Mark of Mutiny, steals my treasure mage and swings for 7, finishing me off with a Bolt. :(

It's on to G2! I board in a treasure mage, an elixir, and 3 Edges, taking out.... Hrmmm.... let me try to remember. probably Mox Opal, Spine of Ish Sah, Mindslaver, Magosi the Waterveil and an Island. I think, I'm not positive. I may have taken out 3 islands and added a Slaver instead of taking one out, but I doubt it.


I'm on the play. Raybelfast casts inquisition taking a clasp. I'd rather lose a clasp than have him gain a Lacerator, so it's a good start. His 2nd turn is the 2nd play of the game, a Pulse Tracker. I lay a Trinket mage and fetch out a memnite. Ah ha! Take that jack! He comes back with a highborn and a Seer. My turn I lay a Treasure Mage and search out a Contagion Engine. It's my 4th turn against Vampires and I'm still at 20, so this is good.

On Raybelfast's turn he bolts me and passes the turn. I did have a memnite and 2 mages. I don't know what he was thinking. I lay a 2nd Tectonic Edge and destroy a Blackcleave Cliff and a Lavaclaw Reaches. He doesn't like that and he's out of R mana. Yay! Screw you Vampires. I never liked the fact that Vampire decks use Red. It disrupts the manabase to a point that you can easily exploit it with cards like Seas and Edges which show up it many different styles of decks.

0:02:30 [Raybelfast] Raybelfast sacrifices Lavaclaw Reaches

0:02:30 [Raybelfast] Raybelfast sacrifices Blackcleave Cliffs

0:02:32 [Raybelfast] <Raybelfast> jaja

0:02:33 [Jacois] Jacois puts Tectonic Edge to Graveyard from Play

0:02:33 [Jacois] Jacois puts Tectonic Edge to Graveyard from Play

0:02:35 [Raybelfast] <Raybelfast> stupid but w.e

0:02:36 [Jacois] <Jacois> ;)

I couldn't agree more Raybelfast, BR Vampires IS stupid. I would be much more impressed with a UB Vampire deck that plays Tar Pits, Jace the MS, Mana Leaks, whatever. Just using Red for Bolts and Mark of Mutiny's just seems retarded. Obv it's a legitimate deck, I just don't think it's been explored enough. My theory is that a UB or even mono Black version would Optimize Vampires and make it as fearful a deck as Valakut, or UB Control. But, I digress....

Ugh, this game just goes on and on for another 16 turns (8 turns each). Overall I dealt with 2 Seers, 2 Highborns, Gatekeeper, and Bloodghast. I also had a Bojuka Bog for his Ghast. I just utilized blocking with Mages, Clasps, a Quicksand.... fun stuff like that. :D It was a fun game that finally ended when my Wurmcoil Engine was Followed by a Jace. Whee!

0:10:39 [Jacois] Jacois plays Jace, the Mind Sculptor from Hand

0:11:04 [Raybelfast] <Raybelfast> concede

0:11:06 [Jacois] <Jacois> g3

That last quote is the story of T2. :D

That felt like a really long game, but I felt in control the entire time. I had him totally shut out of Red mana. He was right to concede. I think I boarded in some lands, the mana felt tight at first and I cut some expensive stuff.


Raybelfast casts a Pulse Tracker turn 1. I Spreading Seas his land and he goes 4 turns without drawing another land. I ask to replay G3. I win 2-1, but getting stuck on 1 land with a 2nd turn Seas was pretty lame. I'm trying to test, not to win. I'm happy he agrees.


This was a pretty interesting game. I just kept casting Trinket/Treasure Mages, my one Memnite, Clasps, Bombs, Elixirs, Edges, just constantly with a Jace on board, drawing and shuffling, getting Quicksands with Maps, shuffling my memnite into my library and searching it out again with a Trinket..... Awesome game. He just kept laying vampires, and he had a Bloodghast and a highborn.

After 12 minutes and 16 turns, I'm at 15, he's at 23 and he concedes. He simply could not get past my stream of grey ogres and Jace just dominated. Elixirs made sure Highborn didn't get me. It was a great game.

Ta da! 3-1 against vamps. Booyah! I think at the end of g4 he was purposely making dumb moves out of frustration. It's never a good feeling to lose to a Jacois Rogue deck. ;)


Match 4 vs gordo on MWSPlay (UW control)

UW seems to be a matchup in my favour, pretty much exclusively because of the edges. It's just such a crippling card.

I lose the roll and Gordo leads off with a Collonade.

I lay Magosi, the Waterveil and pass. As you'll see in every matchup, I simply never activate the Magosi. Does that mean I should cut it? I don't know yet. I'm not sure what my control opponent are thinking when they see it. I would guess they're very worried about it, as it implies that I'm playing a very slow control deck. I suppose I am, and I hope they Edge it, because I think of it as a free strip mine. I know that logic is silly, but just like threatening a counter G1 (when I don't play any), I see Magosi as a card that simply throws my opponents into confusion. I can imagine all the assumptions I would make against a deck that laid a turn 1 Magosi. What would you think? Would your assumed strategy of my deck be accurate? This is a card I have to keep an eye on in my future testing. Anyways.....

Gordo lays and sacs a Misty, getting an island and laying a Squadron Hawk. He searches up 2 more. Hawk is a solid card, but it doesn't really hurt my deck. I can easily take 1 a turn for a long time, even 2 a turn. The Hawks actually just make my Ratchet Bombs better, cause without Hawks, the Bomb is a pretty weak card against UW or UB imo. He'll see how I'm MUC, and he'll think the hawks are a natural foil to my deck. Well, they're not. heck, they even make my clasps better. I'm not saying Hawks are bad, far from it, but it's not as threatening to my deck as it would be to a current version of UW or UB control.

After a couple turns of laying lands, the hawk has me down to 17. Gordo had Leaked an Everflowing Chalice, thank god. I'm growing to hate Chalice. It just never seems good. I lay Jace the MS and Fateseal my opponent. Guess he should have saved his Leak! :D

Gordo lays a 1UU Jace and a hawk, he swings for 1. EOT I sac an Edge and smash his collonade. Keep the UW or UB player off 6 mana and you win. That's just the way the matchup goes. You don't necessarily lose if they get to 6, but you do necessarily win if they don't. So I always try to make that happen. I try to fish out counters with Chalice, or Treasure mage, and always try to squeeze Expedition maps into play afterwards. Once you get the Map on the board, that's an unstoppable land kill. Or resolving a Trinket to get the Map. Very important stuff in this matchup.

I lay Spreading Seas on a Plains. He's down to 1 white mana. He has a Glacial Fortress, but I leave that alone, because I know I'll eventually get a Trinket, a Map, or an Elixir to shuffle my Edge back in. My Ratchet Bomb causes my opponent not to lay all his hawks, and that gave me the oppurtunity to exploit my clasps as I kill off a hawk with one. I would much rather save my Bombs to deal with some of UW's more dominating threats, such as either Jace, or a Sun Titan, Gideon, or Elspeth. The hawks aren't threatening, the walkers are. Deal with them, win the game. Keeping an idle Ratchet Bomb at 3 counters is usually optimal, as you can kill a 1UU Jace, or EOT up it to 4 counters and kill a Jace the MS after untapping. I lay Inkmoth Nexus and pass.

Gordo plays a Venser with his 1 fancy White mana. I'm not overconcerned, but it's a legitimate threat that I can't allow to ultimate. Luckily I still have my bomb as I up it to 3 counters. I play another Ratchet Bomb, but my opponent lays a Titan, gets back a 1UU Jace and I am totally outgunned.

Well, that was rough. Oh well, the maindeck is focused on aggro, and the game was pretty fast, so there's plenty of time to come back in games 2 and 3.

Sideboard, out comes......

4x Spreading Seas (because he's Blue)

4x Contagion Clasp (because the only decent target is Hawk, it's not necessary)

1x Mox Opal (just doesn't do enough, it's all about the amount of mana, not the speed of it)

1x Ratchet Bomb

1x Triskelion

1x Wurmcoil Engine

1x Memnite (He plays hawks and DoJ, so it's useless more or less)

Sideboard, in comes....

SB: 3 [WWK] Tectonic Edge

SB: 1 [M11] Elixir of Immortality

SB: 1 [MBS] Treasure Mage

SB: 1 [MBS] Spine of Ish Sah

SB: 1 [SOM] Mindslaver

SB: 1 [SOM] Contagion Engine

SB: 3 [M11] Mana Leak

SB: 2 [ZEN] Spell Pierce

Let's DO IT!

Game 2

We play land go for a couple turns, the only play being a preordain that I Spell Pierce. Was that the correct play? It's debateable, but my reasoning at the time was that I didn't want him to fix his mana, and if he WAS land light, I want to exploit it. My deck has the tools to exploit his mana base, and I want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure that happens. That's how I intend to win.

I get out 2 Tectonic Edges as my opponent Leaks my Treasure Mage. My opponents 4th turn play is a Seachrome Coast, which is just great for me as it comes into play tapped. My turn, I sac both Edges hitting his coast and his Collonade, then I lay a Bojuka Bog.

We're both a little low on lands, and he's out of white mana. We draw go for awhile with me getting a Magosi. I use an Elixir, shuffling some Edges back in the deck, down comes a Trinket which searches up an Expedition Map. My oponent is stuck at 2 lands, Edge and Island I believe, and he has to discard a Cancel EOT. I drop a Jace the MS, and he quickly concedes. I'm more confident now about my decision to counter the Preordain earlier in the game. Being flexible, and knowing your game plan are keys to success in magic. What some players may have thought was a terrible move in theory, was actually what won me the game in the end, imo. Does that make sense?

0:04:50 [Jacois] Jacois plays Jace, the Mind Sculptor from Hand

0:05:02 [Jacois] <Jacois> just let me know when you concede

0:05:27 [gordo] <gordo> g3??

0:05:29 [Jacois] <Jacois> yep

0:05:37 [gordo] <gordo> nice tectonic

0:05:43 [gordo] <gordo> thta ruin my game

0:05:46 [gordo] <gordo> :P

Yes, Tectonic Edge pwned poor Gordo, but it's Jace who crashes a party by just being invited. After boarding, I now have 4 in my deck, and Expedition map, and Trinkets. With the right draws it's actually pretty easy to dominate UW. Edge is king baby.


His first turn Preordain is the precursor to my first turn Magosi. What do you think my opponent is thinking about the Magosi? IMO, he think's he wants to hold back an Edge, and wait to "Surprise" me with the edge after I activate the Magosi. What does this mean? It means his other lands are coming out first, his Dual lands. I have no intention of destroying his edges with one of my Edges. That would have to be a very distinct situation that's likely to only occur in a situation where I would "Win more". So having him keep back Edges works in my favour, and allows me to focus on destroying his UW lands. Now I don't know if he has an Edge in his hand or not, but I do know I want him to hold it back, and there's no way in hell I'm ever going to activate Magosi. I'm starting to love Magosi tbh. :D It's very good at distracting your opponent from your real strategy. Does that make sense? Ask yourself, and let me know.

I lay a 2nd turn Chalice. He lays 1UU Jace and draws, I lay Jace, killing both. Always kill Jace, big or small. Ignoring Jace is like Ignoring a Train when you're on the tracks imo.

Gordo lays a coast and passes. He's got coast and fortress, so the board is set up for me to start taking advantage of his manabase. I cast Treasure Mage which is Cancelled, and then I Edge his Fortress. He lays another Coast which cipt because it's his 4th land. Does he have Jace the MS in hand? Is Coast ruining his midgame? Probably.

Opponent lays a Plains, and I EOT Bue Sun's Zenith for.... 2 or 3, I forget. But he Cancel's it. I untap, lay a Mindslaver and pass. ;) Gordo lays a Glacial Fortress, casts Sun Titan and brings back a 1UU Jace. This is his first time being at 6 mana, so I'm sure he's very excited about throwing it on the board. I can only hope his hand is deadly enough for him to wreck himself after I make him my Slave.

On my turn I lay Treasure Mage, search for a Mindslaver, and sacrifice my first Slaver. YOWIE ZOWIE! This is gonna be fantastic, I can just sense it. :D Poor Gordo is forced to Journey to nowhere his Titan. Jace gives +2 so we both draw, then I make him cast another Jace to kill both. Ta da. He has a Venser and a Doj and a land in hand I think.

Good stuff. Just wrecked him. I have a Mana Leak in hand for the Venser. I lay chalice, into a Jace the MS which I use to Fateseal, and swing with a Treasure Mage taking him to 18. First Blood!! I didn't cast my 2nd Mindslaver because I know what's in his hand and I wanted to get my Jace on the board. Also, Jace isn't something you don't cast when you can. That would just be crazy, obv. Gordo lays a Venser and I leak it. Gordo's facing an uphill battle now. I fateseal, lay another Slaver and he concedes.

Bammo! The maindeck is so anti-aggro that the entire board is meant for control/valakut. That's why 13 cards come in, and that's why I win. Ta da!


The deck isn't perfect, but it's nice. 2 UW's, vamps and gobbo's. But how does the deck fair against Valakut? I'm now going to go to ML and request a Valakut matchup, lets see how that goes. IMO, if I can beat or legitimately compete against Valakut, this deck is ready for action.

After explaining my situation, World agrees to help me out. Lets do it!

Match 5 vs World (Valakut)


I lose the roll and I get crushed by a fast Titan onslaught, so lets go to G2 with board.

OUT : 4 clasps, mox opal, quicksand, memnite, Trisk, Bojuka Bog, Inkmoth Nexus, mindslaver

IN : 3 Edges, Treasure Mage, 3 Spell Pierce, 2 Mana Leak, 2 Spines


My 2nd turn Chalice is met with Worlds 2nd turn Explore which ramps him to 3 mana, Mountain, Valakut and Forest. I put a Spreading Seas on his lone forest and I also lay an Edge. I hope he has no more Forests, and when he lays a Mountain I'm ecstatic. I edge his Valakut.

I lay an island and a Chalice, he lays another Mountain. Yay!

0:02:24 [World] <World> here we go no land

I cast Treasure Mage and search for Wurmcoil Engine. I lay Elixir and pass. World has no play. EOT I sac Elixir, shuffling an Edge back in. I swing for 2 and cast Wurmcoil.


World Plays an Evovling Wilds. It's funny, cause Raging Ravines will be coming in tapped as well, and if I draw into another Seas I can sustain this lock all the way to victory. I smash with Mage and Wurm, World gets a forest with his expanse, casts a Cultivate and I Leak it. He concedes.

I run him out of Green mana, and it's smooth sailing. On to g3. It's really all about who goes first. I find the same to be true of the vamps and gobbos matchup. Considering every deck in Standard would opt to play, I think the rules are lopsided, and matchups come down to a coin flip. That's what I really hate about Standard. Aside from that, great format. I had boarded out a Mindslaver, but that was silly, so I put 1 back in. I'm not sure how to play against Valakut, so please don't judge my boarding decisions too harshly. And yes, I'm going to lose horribly. Let's watch.....


I mulligan, World lays 2nd turn Explore into Terramorphic Expanse. He's going too fast. I need to slow him down somehow but the mull really hurt me.

I lay an Edge into Chalice. Expanse leaves World with 2 Mountains and 2 Forests that lead into Thrun, the Last Troll.

I respond with an Island and Jace, the MS. I fateseal putting a Primeval Titan on the bottom. World untaps, lays Cultivate, bringing him to 6 lands, then the Troll whacks my Jace to 1 loyalty. Come on Jace! don't give up, we can do this!

I Brainstorm, lay island and pass. World lays a Mountain and Thrun takes down Jace. Unless I miscounted, he's at 7 lands and does nothing. Summoning Trap I assume, but like, what the hell am I gonna do about it? Just hope he's drawing dead and focus on how to win in that situation. This is what I tell myself as I close out any self doubt. I EOT a Blue Suns Zenith and draw 2. I need a Mind Slaver, like, RIGHT NOW. I sense he's gonna go off soon.

I lay an island and a Treasure Mage which nets me a Mindslaver. World plays Explore, mountain, thrun whacks me for 4. EOT I activate my Elixir and shuffle good old Jace the MS back in. I draw Jace the MS like a champ and Fateseal poor old drawing dead World. I ship whatever it was to the bottom, lay a Chalice and pass.

World beats my topdeck with an obv topdeck of his own (Else he would have laid it one of the last 2 turns) and lays Avenger of Zendikar, getting 8 plant friends and laying a valakut to make the plants more legitimate. Thrun swings and Treasure Mage defends Jace with his life. He won't be forgotten. Treasure Mage not only keeps Jace at a healthy 5 loyalty, but he also gave me the Mindslaver, which I now lay after Brainstorming for a little while. I also slap a Ratchet Bomb on the table. I'll lose my chalices but it's a small price to pay to take out 8 plants.

World play Primeval Titan, getting 2 more Valakuts. My bomb kills his now 3/4 plants and avenger and the Troll smash me for 9. And what did the chinese store clerk say to the customer? Harrow! 24 damage to me. Ah Zut! SO close!


I had the Mindslaver on the board! Doh! He laid Primieval + harrow and dealt 24 to me. If I had survived 1 more turn, or if I had been on the play, I could have slavered and just crushed him with his own cards. *shrugs* Oh well. I do believe if I had won the roll, I would have won. I'm happy with the match knowing how close it was. I never felt like I wasnt in it, if you know what I mean.

Match 6 vs Farturas, Magic-league mini, R1 (Valakut)

G1 & 2

This was a long match. Game 1 I lost VERY quickly and G2 took a long fucking time. I had boarded out my Contagion Engines after G1, which was a terrible idea. He had boarded in Thrun, The Last Troll. I have Treasure Mages, and they could have gotten that 1 Engine. Cause that game went LONG. It went for about 18 turns for each of us. I felt so positive I would win, and I did, but yeah. Engine would have been awesome, cause he kept attacking my Jace with his dumb troll. His 3/3 troll mind you, because my lone Inkmoth Nexus blocked once. :P

My point is, the Engine would have anililated the Troll, AND it would have been making my Jace HUGE! Also, I had boarded out my Blue Suns' Zeniths, which was an AWFUL decision. I was in topdeck mode for so long with about 8 mana. I had him down to 2 mountains at one point. It was hilarious. I boarded in 3 Mana Leaks, and 2 Pierce, and I just locked him down. Anyways, he eventually got out of it, because I couldn't stop the Troll, I couldn't keep Jace, and I was just drawing dead. I was at about 29 because of some Elixirs though, love that card. I boarded 1 in actually. I really think I'll add 1 Elixir of Immortality to the maindeck, and take out 1 Chalice. Because if Elixir is good against Combo (Valakut), Control (UB, UW), AND Aggro (Vamps, Boros), than why in Gods name wouldn't I want it in the main instead of the side? When would I not board it in? I'll make the change and see how it works once I do an overview of how my deck has performed thus far.

That will also open up another sideboard slot. Spine of Ish Sah.... I'm using it because this deck was initially a UB proliferate deck Utilizing Throne of Geth. After taking out the Majority of the proliferate cards, I still wanted to keep 1 Spine as a "toolbox" card for the Treasure Mage. It's good. It's not great by any means, but.... I mean, I don't even have any way to destroy it aside from a Ratchet Bomb at 7 counters! :D So why am I using it? Because it's a vindicate.


Oh, and I won G3. Early game I just countered his ramp spells, Jace kept bouncing an Oracle whilst mages blocked a troll. Built up to slaver and killed him with his own Titans.


Anyways, I think I'll add 1 more Expedition Map to the sideboard. SO often, I just wished I had an Edge, or a Bojuka Bog, and I would have a Trinket Mage. And I would just think, "This Trinket Mage is really a 3U cc Expedition Map." UGH! Awful. I just want to draw the map so often. Getting a Quicksand against vamps, it's great. Or an edge, keep them off red mana, or a Bojuka Bog for his Bloodghasts. I don't think all the "trinkets" need be 1 ofs, in fact, I'm considering simply taking out the Trinket Mages and just adding another Treasure Mage, and more "trinkets". Perhaps it is the Trinket Mage that should be the 1 of. Does that make sense?

So, here's what I'm going to do based on my experience over these last 6 matches.


OUT : 2 Trinket Mages, 1 Everflowing Chalice

IN : 1 Treasure Mage, 1 Elixir of Immortality, 1 Expedition Map.

Sideboard :

OUT : 1 Treasure Mage, 1 Elixir of Immortality

IN : 2 Corrupted Consciense.

Here is my decklist as is.

MUC - Treasure Island
Main Deck Sideboard
18 Island
1 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Quicksand
1 Mystifying Maze
1 Tectonic Edge
1 Magosi, the Waterveil
1 Bojuka Bog
1 Trinket Mage
4 Treasure Mage
1 Memnite
1 Wurmcoil Engine
1 Triskelion
2 Everflowing Chalice
2 Expedition Map
2 Elixir of Immortality
4 Ratchet Bomb
1 Mox Opal
4 Contagion Clasp
1 Spine of Ish Sah
1 Mindslaver
1 Contagion Engine
4 Spreading Seas
3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 Brittle Effigy
2 Blue Sun's Zenith
3 Tectonic Edge
2 Corrupted Conscience
2 Spine of Ish Sah
1 Mindslaver
2 Contagion Engine
3 Mana Leak
2 Spell Pierce

Questions? Comments?

- Jacois

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by GreenBear on 2011-02-15 00:37 CET

I'm just gonna say this. I like you jacois cause your prepared to try things other people are not and get creative. Your an open mind, these days as a deck builder i feel i've become to schooled and lost my creativity and I respect creativity. Constantly producing the same deck again different cards but in essence the same deck, card advantage grind blah blah gets very tautological.

So before anyone knocks this man remember hes got the balls to think for himself and try things other people would just write off and make them work. Props for that. And yeah I'm a bit drunk.

by ChristPunchr on 2011-02-15 00:52 CET

You can say whatever you like, but I know that expedition maps are in the deck for thematic purposes. (hint: TREASURE ISLAND).

Looks like a cool deck though.

I am not comparing or anything, but just in reference to the comment about all control decks feeling the same: Caw-Go(feat. mystics) is a really cool and fun deck to play with. It plays like an old school fish(the archetype, not merfolk) deck in some matches, which is something that hasn't been in standard since Mirrodin/Kamigawa. Hate bears and best blue/white control cards...being able to be a UW control deck with 11+ counters or an aggro-control deck, depending on the match, is really neat.

by nasa on 2011-02-15 01:11 CET

edit taken care of-thanks weedmonkey

by magicman85 on 2011-02-15 01:12 CET

I don't understand why you use Magosi, the Water Veil. Is there some way to abuse it to get more turns than 1? Or is there some strategic time to use it?

Also, using Throne of Geth with Spine of Ish Sah is a pretty nice combo. Stoic Rebuttal might be worth considering over Mana Leak since you will probably have metalcraft later in the game, but early game Mana Leak will still be better.

Looks kind of cool though I'll give it some tries on mwsplay.

by Spyx on 2011-02-15 01:30 CET

I would run more edges over magosi, bojuka bog and island.

by Duodax on 2011-02-15 02:15 CET

Kamahl63 lays Basilisk Collar off a mountain and passes.

Raybelfast starts fast with a Lacerator

into Viscera Seer.

Raybelfast plays a Mark of Mutiny,

a Pulse Tracker.

Jace the MS

that lead into Thrun, the Last Troll.

He had boarded in Thrun, The Last Troll.


Sophisticated article but aren't treasure islands islands where valuable goods are located? To be honest, your pile looks like a armory to me whereas you call it a "Treasure Island". Tezzerets are not to be amping the value of your "cool artificial weapons" down.

by Conkisstador on 2011-02-15 02:43 CET

Why do you have Edges in sideboard? You have 18 islands aka MORE THAN ENOUGH. make it 16 or 17 and u free up some sideboard slots.

this deck gets rocked by red aggro.

your trinket mage package is clunky and pointless since you only have 1 trink. if you're going to play Elixir of Stalling then you should play 4 Caws. 3 die and then elixir and voila - more birdies.

Alternate to this deck, cut all the fancy shmancy and play All is Dust, Eldrazi Temple, and Eldrazi.

by Duodax on 2011-02-15 02:46 CET

damn manuels and MANACHUELS who strike back now^^

by Chefy on 2011-02-15 09:51 CET

You chronicled a bunch of games against donks and a very small sample size. Would I rather a) play this deck or b) play Caw-Go which has been tested by a dozen people (just in Kibler's/Nelson's group)for thousands of games...

by Malakai97 on 2011-02-15 10:29 CET

How do you think that deck started, chefy?

by on 2011-02-15 18:50 CET

How the *uc* do you win on MWSPlay? That stupid program bones me SOOO hard.

by jfc on 2011-02-15 19:24 CET

why do you want to play 4 ratchet bomb in main? it basicly kills your all stuff, not your opps stuff.

by Lynolf on 2011-02-15 20:25 CET

Next time, save logs and report your matches better. Also, use more technical language, as it only gives you credibility; instead you look like you just built this deck for some random reason and don't care what happens with it from here onwards.

Props to you for comming up with this idea. I hope it inspires more people to try and write this kind of articles! :D

by thedarkness on 2011-02-19 16:29 CET

This article was a fun alternative to building a pile for the trial in half an hour. :D

by thedarkness on 2011-02-19 16:30 CET

Also, dv8r used to consider me and Jacois the reigning authorities on pulling a billion decklists a day out our rears, and occasionally having one be viable. Since I now suck horribly at it, WOOOOOOOO at Jacois for carrying on the legacy that is brainsplosions.

by Sliply on 2011-02-22 23:36 CET

Its a funny article?

by pg8 on 2011-03-15 01:28 CET

Hooray for Magosi!

by petomartinez on 2011-03-28 03:52 CET

The same as the other people. Can you abuse Magosi ability? I understand that you can proliferate and put some counters on it, but I dont know when is the right momento to give an extra turn to your opp as a gift.

by sickboy138 on 2011-04-18 14:41 CET

I think Magosi just might be a game winner in this deck. Like maybe, activate mindslaveer, take their turn, and once you have the counter on in, contagion engine for the win. That's literally INFINITE turns just by letting your opponent take an extra one.one that you presumably controlled for them

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