Mystic WW

Written by Stacks on February 21, 2010

The standard metagame is all in a flux. Our last master had a smattering of what almost looked like random decklists with no clear top dog deck standing out, or anything close to it. If you'll remember: Jund was there. Grixis was there. Boros Bushwacker was there. I think there was a UW. There were others as well - I imagine you can navigate the site to find the decklists. What I want to talk about today is a deck played to a first place finish in a trial not too far back: Mystic WW. I've taken the deck up myself, and have matchup information, as well as a modified list. In fact, here is the list now:

Main Deck Sideboard
4 Sunpetal Grove
4 Stirring Wildwood
2 Forest
12 Plains
2 Ranger of Eos
1 Scute Mob
4 Kor Firewalker
4 Stoneforge Mystic
4 Elite Vanguard
4 Kor Skyfisher
4 White Knight
4 Knight of the White Orchid
1 Behemoth Sledge
3 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
2 Oblivion Ring
4 Path to Exile
1 Sigil of Distinction
1 Basilisk Collar

1 Behemoth Sledge
2 Oblivion Ring
4 Devout Lightcaster
4 Luminarch Ascension
4 Tectonic Edge


An explanation of the changes, then. Before you call me a noob, or a nub-ball, or nubgantress; yes I run 22 land. This, in over 100 matches, has absolutely never been a problem for me. I am not mulling more, as two land hands are an easy keep in this build, and KoTWO gets you to four frequently. I'll make this plain now: I'm NOT relying on KoTWO to make land drops, but he'll do it where a deck without him wouldn't. A 22 land build is a lot of what makes this deck savage. The extra two slots have become removal, which was lacking, and once you've hit four land you almost never want more with weenies. Goblin Ruinblaster is poised to exploit a land-light draw, but you can keep two basics all day. I also question the Jund player's decision to bring in Ruinblaster against this deck, as the potential advantage is highly situational. In fact, I'll happily deal with less anything_in_Jund if they're willing to take that gamble. That said, if you're on G2 or 3 against Jund, you might want to put away the double Wildwood draw. Tectonic Edge is similar, but happens only at four, when you've already played Elspeth or Ranger.

I added forests, for one: two of them. This gives one a greater chance of being able to cast Behemoth Sledge after tutored for with the Mystic. It also gives one a greater chance at activating Stirring Wildwood, which can be devastating on turn five, or four with KotWO, when accompanied by a gang of weenies. These things, when I first played the deck pre-change, weren't happening often enough. At first I had four forests, which was good sometimes, but you almost never want to see five weenies, a plains, and a forest in your opening seven. This happens less frequently with two than with four, while you keep the increased chance of ripping one in the first few turns.


The deck, I felt, was removal light, as I said, so I added two Oblivion Rings, and put two in the board to deal with planeswalkers and Baneslayer Angel. I moved the second Behemoth Sledge to the side, as it doesn't shine as well as Sigil of Distinction in the control match, and in the Jund match you almost always want the Basilisk's collar. I bring it in against RDW and Boros Bushwacker, as the life swings in those games will tilt them to your advantage. I bring it in against a few more of the lesser played decks as well, which you will see later.

I lowered the level of three cards: Sigil of Distinction, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, and Stoneforge Mystic. Running into more than one of either of these spells is less than fantastic. I raised the Kor Skyfisher count by one. While double Sigil isn't often ALL bad, I find that the extra removal or extra weenie tends to be better. It's also pretty sweet to Skyfisher a land on the play to activate KotwO. Ripping one late game to reset Sigil is also gravy.

The Tectonic Edge in the board helps with your matchup against a few decks in the metagame, to be explained later.

Lastly, I added a tiny Ranger of Eos suite, for midgame card advantage. There are only two, and in all of the games I've played I only failed to find more than one weenie about four percent of the time, which I think does not justify their removal. They're better than they are bad. Lining up a midgame Scute Mob or just more Vanguards to equip can often turn the tide in your favor. Scute mob with a Sledge has been particularly satisfying. I almost really want another, but turn one Scute Mob isn't the best of plays, and opening Scute Mob doesn't happen often with just the one copy. So, there you have it. I've piloted this deck to great success, and think that I've shored up, with the Ranger, its one big weakness - board sweepers in Earthquake and Day of Judgement.

I want to reiderate here: I fully expect to get a tonzo of dudes telling me that 22 land is not enough, and that Ranger of Eos with only five 1-drops is a less than solid choice. It isn't, they aren't, and it all works. Try it out. Onto the matches.

Oh, and before you read the rest, know this: I am giving win-loss percentage ratios on each of the matches. These are not, I'm sorry, the actual mathematical results of my testing. I didn't write them all down, and I'm not a Terrastodon (fuckingloool). These are rough sketches to give you an idea of how the matches I played actually went, as well as what I'd gamble on a player playing this deck against them to win, were it actually allowed. Okay?

Vs Jund:

The Jund match is very favorable. They hate it when you do a great many things that this deck can do. As a disclaimer, before I tell you, however: Jund DOES beat this deck, a certain foggy percentage of the time. I can't tell you that you'll run them over every time, but I can tell you why you wont, and when you will. I would say the matchup is easily 57-60 percent in your favor, which against what may still be the top deck in the format is nothing shabby. One of the things that this deck can do to Jund is put up a host of creatures which satisfactorily shut down Jund's early game. White Knight, Kor Firewalker, and KotWO all deal with BBE handily, and the first two run all over the Thrinax. Those two are also very resistant to Jund's removal suite, cutting down their potential answers to just a perfect combination: they essentially need the lightning bolt for the Knight and the Mailstrom Pulse for the Firewalker. Terminte and Bit-blast, as well as the opposite MP and LB for each, are nullified. Post board you have Lightcaster, which does the same thing. I can imagine that reading this it may seem underwhelming, but in some games you will just shut Jund out to Broodmate Dragon mana, which for your fast game can often come very late; when they're way behind. When you don't have these guys, the Mystic will often be awesome for you. Collar and Sigil are house here, as one can force unfavorable trades or life swings, while the other puts your men out of trade and removal range. When you'll lose: You're playing against Jund, ladies and gentlemen, and oftentimes you will lose. Sometimes they'll find the right removal combo for your protection creatures, and sometimes they'll have triple blightning, or BBE, and all of those silly things that Jund sometimes does. However, your average hand vs their average hand is, with my experience, a game in your favor. In the board is Tectonic Edge, which comes in for Wildwood (it just eats Bit-blast), which is total hot sauce in this matchup. Most of their cards before Seige-gang Commander and Broodmate are not so good against you, and edge takes their potential stabilize and puts it off by at least one turn, if not more. While it's still a pretty good match for Jund, post board you'll sometimes keep them off of a color, although this is infrequent, and sometimes off of double red at five mana, and sometimes keep them at four for a serious stretch. This is all while your dudes are running through unblockable. This has been pretty cool.

Vs Grixis:

This match is HIGHLY in your favor, even with the new Jace/Treasure Hunt/etc gaggle of cards. As an aside - you may see what I'm doing here. The favorable matches are first to come - the unfavorable will come later. As a teaser - not each control matchup is in your favor, so stick around to find out why. But: Grixis. I was a Grixis player for a good part of the recent standard metagame, and I would almost always just want to scoop it up against my local metagame's versions of mono-white, and this before the addition of Kor Firewalker, and the ease of finding game-bending equipment. Like actually just scoop it up. Turn one and turn two dorks on the play are super hard for them to answer, especially because they're running a similar removal suite to Jund, only with fewer spells in it: Terminte and Lightning Bolt are just as bad against your protection creatures here, which leaves Grixis dead to your speed unless they find a one of three Earthquake. That being one of the only cards you really have trouble with does give them some glimmer of hope, but they'll often only get a two-for-one (yeah, that's kindof good) with your Firewalker or your lack of overexention (obv) dulling the effect of the card. If they don't have it they're facing down your dudes, and your manland, until they can find six mana for Sphinx. Jace just never comes down in these matches, as their only other dude is convertable turtle, who eats it pretty hard to Basilisk Collar, Sigil of Distinction, and Behemoth Sledge. Once they do find that Sphinx mana they're often nearly blown out and you can afford to lose dudes on the attack, as you'll usually have a hoard. When you will lose: they'll find Earthquake and the turtle. And it's not always a lose. That's really it. It's just that sometimes this can keep you slowed down enough until they find Cruel Ultimatum, and that is usually the end for everybody. Post board you have Luminarch Ascenscion, and if this deck doesn't Negate it or hit the timely two-of Into the Roil, it should probably scoop it up right there. Tectonic Edge also works here. This matchup is easily 75 percent in your favor. Seems good.

Vs Eldrazi Green:

This matchup requires skill on your part to pull out, and a lack of skill on the opponents will net you wins as well. You've got about a 55 percent favor in this match, but this result may be skewed a bit, because just about every person I played against was willing to trade their creatures when the creature swings from this deck got to be seemingly too much to handle. If they're going to win they pretty much need to conserve their creatures until they can Monument. Luckily for the WW player most Eldrazi green decks run only two copies. They are fast, but they run no removal, so while they slam down their Archdruids and Warcallers you can sit contentedly on Path to Exile and Oblivion Ring until you untap. Oh. Nissa's Chosen is also embarassingly good against you, as the 3 butt puts him out of range of your entire arsenal. You have the equipment to deal with this, however, and every copy of it does so. Board in the removal and the extra sledge and you should be fine.

Vs Boros bushwacker:

Yes, this matchup is also in your favor. I promise there are some that aren't. Firewalker is absolutely amazing here. Sometimes you wont find it, but your gang of first strikers is often enough to curtail Boro's very fast early game. The Sledge, when you have a Mystic or just draw it, is awesome. They'll take a few games to uber-fast draws with double or triple landfall dudes and fetches, but with your Rangers you catch up in card advantage to theirs, and without that advantage they don't have much of a mid-game. There are really no problem cards in this matchup, so you wont often just get blown out. These games in my experience are very good games, and come down to the skill of the player more than not. I'd say you have about a 55 percent game against BB, which is a shade better than what Jund can boast. After board you're better, if only slightly, with double the Sledge.


This is another favorable match. The same moves you have against Boros you have here, but they're just more effective. A Firewalker, although not always lights out, is pretty much always shades drawn. Your first strikers, sometimes burnt out, if not will eat up Goblin Guide and Ball lightning, which both add up to a considerable amount of RDW's gas. Lightning fast draws will leave you blown out in some games, but, and this is always VERY satisfying, you can topdeck a Firewalker and pull right out of a game you otherwise would have lost. I don't think Firewalker leaves RDW out of the format, but only because there aren't more decks that play it. Very satisfying. This matchup is 60 percent in your favor.

Vs Vampires:

This matchup, if not favorable, is at least 50-50. White Knight is good here, but similarly Malakir Bloodwitch is bad for you. Your creatures are just about as speedy, if not moreso, but you sometimes need equipment to get through Nighthawk. Sometimes, though, the Knight will go the distance, with backup of course, and post board Lightcaster brings the match up, while they have only Dearthmark to bring in against you. Lightcaster seems, and has been, better. If you can line up double Knight, or Knight/Lightcaster, they go down pretty quickly. The equipment is key in this matchup, and so is the added removal. Board in the O-rings and the second Sledge, the first for Nocturnus and the latter to give your creatures the Tectonic Edge (Hi. Do you guys hate it when MTG website writers make awful MTG card jokes? Does it give you the sick vomit mouth?). Vampires looks to do a lot of what you do, but they don't have the equipment. Any of those will often steal the game for you.

Vs It's a Trap:

This is another 50-50. You have removal for almost whatever they Trap, but sometimes you don't draw it, and if you don't then they've got you with some fattie. If Iona ever comes down it's scoopies. You're ultra fast, however, and if they don't draw their trap you run them over, and sometimes you do anyway. This deck is one I think Mystic WW needs board against, but I can't really figure out what that should be, and I'd be remiss to cut anything in the board for them. As it is, I run in Edge to screw mana, or stall. The board is tight, and you need it all for worse matchups anyhow. If you figure out something good where I couldn't, please tell me.

Quickly, before the bad matchups, I'll talk about the rogues. I got some amount of my testing on the dreaded MWSplay, and those dudes play a ton of stupid rogues. The metagame is not yet defined post-Worldwake, but it should happen after this Pro Tour. Until then, you'll face Persecutor.dec, Megrim shenanigans, and a whole hoard of other random decks.

I have a few things to say here. Some of them may turn into staple decks. Some might even say this is one of them. Some of them, in my experience, do run all over this deck. That said, I don't think the metagame is going to do too much of a shimmy, and I expect to see every deck I just mentioned above come out in some amount of force at this Pro Tour. If a random allies deck, to make a joke that hopefully wont come back to eat me, becomes the go-to deck, you may want to shelve Mystic WW (allies actually usually works out pretty well, but yikes maybe watch out for the now very salable Jwari Shapeshifter). If not, provided the decks to come don't eat up the format or your local metagame (I think, and this is the reason that I'm so excited for this deck, that the above decks should take up a bigger slice of the pie here, and most anywhere), Mystic WW is a great choice for league play, and even to sleeve up at your local shop. Also, instead of making a bad matchup section for Polymorph I'm listing it here, because just come on. Plus sometimes you get path. Now on to the less favorable matches.

Vs Valakut ramp:

Yes! For shame, Stacks! Your new metagame choice loses to soggy Valakut ramp! What are you even doing here?'s not a bad lose. It's like 47 percent in your favor, still. Some of the lists dont even run Lavaball Trap, which is pretty much what you need to avoid. WIthout them you're probably sitting at about 50-50, if not better.They don't often get the speed to Valakut you out, but when Valakut is winning they're doing it with double Valakut, and that is still still spicy enough to sometimes get you a game loss. Games two and three you pretty much take a win if you can draw Edge, which is why I've chosen to list this deck first in the line of bad matches. You get use out of the Edge in another another match, too.

Vs Mono-W control:

This match is also slightly in their favor, giving you about a 43-45 percent chance of eeking it out. Emeria is a problem, so you get Edge out of the board. Emeria, not dealt with, will lose you games fast. They have this advantage in the maindeck, and you pretty much have to board out gas in the form of Stirring Wildwood to combat it, which kindof sucks. When you win you'll do it early, but if they can find the removal to stem the weenie tide and set up a Baneslayer you can't answer, it's ggs. Luckily your removal all beats Emeria, so whatever you didn't kill with a creature wont be coming back for you. They have Elspeth to answer your Elspeth, as well. Behemoth sledge is really the best choice as a Mystic target, as it'll keep you from trading with identical copies of your own creature. Conqueror's pledge isn't all that bad for you, because you have increased first strike, but Day of Judgement and Martial Coup are, so you need to keep from overextending. That said, skill can really bring it home for you here, and so can the beastly topdeck. If you draw enough removal, and you should board it in with the second Sledge, you can coast to a victory. If they do, you can't, and you'll take losses. The ML metagame isn't very Mono-white control heavy, though, as it's a dog to like everybody, so you shouldn't be seeing this in the later rounds of many trials or a master. It gets play in my local metagame, though, and it might in yours. Again, the sideboard is pretty tight, or I'd suggest multiple copies of Vampire Bloodwitch, but alas.

Vs UWR control:

They got better with Jace, pretty much, and the Turtle. This matchup is bad for you, although not awful for you, pre board, but post board you have Luminarch Ascension. This is listed as a bad matchup because without the Ascension you're still a dog and you're not drawing it every g2/g3. Elspeth will sometimes do it for you, though, so if you can run one on a tapout then kudos. Their removal also works on you, unlike Grixis', if it's a version with heavy path. I'd say you've got about a 43-45 percent game here.

Vs Bant Midrange:

This goes about 60-40 for Bant. Their creatures are a little bit slower, but bigger, so you need removal. After board you do better with the added 0-rings, and another Sledge, which puts your creatures on the level with theirs, so the optimal plan is to find equipment and defeat their early creatures with that, saving your removal for the Baneslayers that come later. Mystic Bant, which got some play in a trial earlier, does even better, as your equipment is often mirrored by their copies of Mystic. The Ranger of Eos really does it sometimes in this matchup, and will put you ahead if you've saved your removal into the midgame. I might have written this article about Mystic Bant, but I shelved it because it doesn't have the speed to beat control, nor the savory protection creatures to beat Jund. Meet me in the chat and we can debate which is the better metagame choice. I think I'm right.

Vs UW control:

This deck is what I'm turning to if everyone picks it up and Mystic WW, or maybe everyone else for that matter, gets run out. I think given the above information you should hopefully agree on Mystic WW as a reasonable choice for the ML metagame and your local metagame, or at least should might. If it isn't, it's because your/the meta has become full of a new UW control build. I don't know if this will happen, and I may be overinflating this because it's good against this deck, but who knows. You're about a 40 percent dog here, like bant, but people will actually play this deck. Dudes are sometimes geeks for a control deck, right?, and it might be a lot of people. I haven't tested UW control, so I don't know how it fares against the rest of the meta, but against you they're sometimes just boobies. Everflowing Chalice works here where it doesn't for the tight decklist of UWR and the slow, comes-into-play tapped Grixis manabase, and with it sometimes they'll just power out bombs. Baneslayer comes down quickly, Elspeth faster than yours, Jace, and occasionally turn four Sphinx, all of which unanswered will give them the game. They also have Day of Judgement, obv. When everything churns for them it's hard for you to beat, sadly. After the board you get slightly better, but where Luminarch works on Grixis and UWR, UW's added speed will often save them from it. This happens less often than I may have made it seem, but I am so shocked by it because it actually does happen. This seriously blew my mind: before Worldwake Luminarch was basically an auto-win against control. That said, your best chance is the Ascension, or a lightning fast draw with Ranger saved post-DOJ. These will happen, though, and you're not THAT big of a dog.

Vs Jacerator:

Nobody plays this anymore, but you don't have anything in the board against it. Jacerator was pretty much made to beat this and other aggro builds, and you're a total dog, but all you really have to do is insult the Jacerator player and, if it's swiss, move on to the next round. You wont be seeing them in the top eight anyhow. If it's on ML, and single-elimination, make sure to take down their name and harass them ceaselessly for playing such an awful deck choice. This match is like 75 percent in their favor.

There we are. I still haven't been able to find a game against OWL, Naya Lightsaber, Pyromancer combo, or whatever that Lightning Control deck is. I think OWL is winnable because they have no fog. Naya might be as bad as Bant, as they're similar decks, but then again there's red in there to get defeated by Firewalker. Pyromancer combo should (is it?) probably be a race, which seems like at least a coin flip. WTF is Lightning Control, anyhow? I have my fingers crossed that these matches are not a total bad time, though. It's nice to have a deck that works nearly 50-50 against the entire meta and isn't Jund. I think so, anyhow.


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by Tuffy on 2010-02-22 02:19 CET

Seems like you have no clue as to what you are talking about in most of those matchup analysis. UWR does NOT run turtle....UW is the played deck of choice. I think you should play against good players/decks before posting any kind of deck analysis. Also, the deck loses to least a good Grixis player/deck. MWSplay is a joke because 90% of the players on there are really bad. Test against people that are actually good and you will see how bad the deck is.

by Stacks on 2010-02-22 06:35 CET

I didn't JUST play in MWSplay. I've played a fair number of league matches on the site, as well as in a fair number of minis. I also have it on paper cards and have played it at three FNMs to great success. Maybe that should have gone into the article. I've played less UWR than I have Grixis, but some of it has had turtle, and I absolutely horrorhose Grixis. I'm not saying every match, but it's easily this deck's best matchup.

by Stacks on 2010-02-22 06:36 CET

I didn't JUST play in MWSplay. I've played a fair number of league matches on the site, as well as in a fair number of minis. I also have it on paper cards and have played it at three FNMs to great success. Maybe that should have gone into the article. I've played less UWR than I have Grixis, but some of it has had turtle, and I absolutely horrorhose Grixis. I'm not saying every match, but it's easily this deck's best matchup.

by Stacks on 2010-02-22 06:36 CET

I didn't JUST play in MWSplay. I've played a fair number of league matches on the site, as well as in a fair number of minis. I also have it on paper cards and have played it at three FNMs to great success. Maybe that should have gone into the article. I've played less UWR than I have Grixis, but some of it has had turtle, and I absolutely horrorhose Grixis. I'm not saying every match, but it's easily this deck's best matchup.

by Stacks on 2010-02-22 06:37 CET

That got triple-posted because Taco Bell makes excellent sauce.

by yokai on 2010-02-22 13:17 CET

so...magic league isnot MWS? =/

by Bantos86 on 2010-02-22 14:03 CET

MWSplay =/=

So no, yokai, Magic-League is not MWSPlay.

EDIT: Quote from Stacks: "I also question the Jund player's decision to bring in Ruinblaster against this deck, as the potential advantage is highly situational." I think they'd target your manlands more than they would know you run 22 lands, and are vulnerable to mana screw.

by urafever on 2010-02-22 15:22 CET

I am actually running a very similar WW deck right now.

The only real difference is kor dualist and a few more 1-cost creatures instead of kor skyfisher and I have a few more control elements (4x o-ring, 4x brave the elements).

After playtesting this type of deck, I will say that you really need to use brave the elements to make it truly viable - that card is basically a white counterspell for W.

Also, 4x stoneforge mystic is a nice idea, but you really don't want to run that many -- you are better off with 2-3. You don't really want to 2 drop mystic when you have knights that cost WW. And it isn't a great card to hold late-game either. It works well as a tutor somewhere in turns 3-5, but multiples of mystic in your hand aren't really very good.

I've been playing a similar deck on here as well as on MTGO and I have been kicking a lot of ass with it. Against black/red there is almost nothing they can do - a turn 2 firewalker against red is basically game over. I just equip it w/ sledge and hammer them into the ground.

also: this deck is definitely NOT gonna mana screw, b/c like almost every card is 1-2 cost. That is exactly why you should dump elspeth and/or eos in favor of more removal/control.

ranger of eos really doesn't have much in the way of synergy in this type of deck -- you would rather draw cards to protect/supplement the creatures you have out by turn 4 rather than waste all your resources to cast him. Also, because most of your best guys are two-cost, he doesn't make a lot of sense here.

There is really no reason not to put 4x o-ring in this. O-ring is like the white lightning bolt -- you never regret having it in your hand - it is ALWAYS useful for something, whether it be a creature, planeswalker, artifact, or enchantment.

by yokai on 2010-02-22 18:43 CET is an server of MWSplay , so = MWS

M-L metagame is different of the most of the places.
its online metagame , not real metagame.

by Shinato on 2010-02-22 19:44 CET

I am pissed now, I wrote about 3/4 page of comments and then the site logged me out and all was gone...

Just some short comments:

1. More lands
2. Elspeth is needed!
3. Scute Mob sucks in this deck so does Ranger of Eos
4. in WWg add KotR or Dauntless Escort

by Lynolf on 2010-02-22 20:14 CET

Type of letter needs to be changed. :/

by on 2010-02-22 20:52 CET

I read the article top to bottom(obviously, but I am sure several people that commented didn't) and I liked it as a whole. I am not so callous that I am going to come out and say your testing results are completely wrong based on my experiences playing against it. That's a fucking stupid thing to do. There are so many variables at work in individual experiences with matches. The only people who should be able to say shit are those who have actually played with the deck a lot, rather than those who are full of shit and haven't.

I liked how the article was written especially: good grammar and flow. I think outlining the core strengths of the deck such as how it is basically an anti-aggro aggro deck would have been a good touch because a lot of players who just started playing in time spiral or whatever don't know a lot about white weenie other than what they can get out of just looking at a list. You do lay the facts out pretty well in the write-ups though, you just don't quite come out and say it if I recall.

As a vampire player, I haven't played against a lot of WW at all, but I really can't believe that it's a 50/50 initially. White knights and chaff for gatekeeper food seem like thy almost completely make the match shitty for vamps from the start. I have played WW once, and apparently I am behind the times and still use three disfigures, so they did help me set up forced sacrifices with 'keepers, but the match was still really uncomfortable. I had to basically bank on getting a noctu-alpha swing in y luring out removal. Witch was fairly nice for me, but at the same time often felt like a win-more card because the longer the game goes, the worse the position I would be in because it meant my opponent was getting closer to pro black shit and also throwing out more chaff to stop my only means of removing them. Game two was just fucking horrible for me and I played five games with sideboards. It's just so bad. Maybe the guy I was playing against is amazingly lucky or something because I know that I am not that bad of a player, but the match sucks, even with marsh casualties(though infest would probably be notably better in this match). From my experience, I would say that the match is more like 55 or 60% in your favor.

With the recent posting of the PT lists and everyone's hero, LSV (so not the best player/deck builder ever, like some seem to think he is)playing a GRW mystic build, I imagine that on m-l at least, everyone will be playing that, rather than WW. The GRW mystic decks have more oomph behind them (not saying it's better...just saying) and net deck tard-lure cards like BBE.

Personally, depending what I see at my store's meta this friday, I may be putting together mystic WW, though I think UW decks like Comers are probably going to become the most played because...well, it's a Comer deck. The guy has a pretty good and long history of making awesome decks.

Anyway, good job. I'll happily read any of your future articles. A fairly engaging read for just a deck article(which are usually fucking b-o-r-i-n-g and dry).

by Tuffy on 2010-02-23 06:47 CET

I have played the deck, I have played against it as well multiple times. It loses to control, which is definately gonna be in high numbers. It also loses to Bant and Naya. I dont say decks lose to others without extensive testing ''which I have done!''. I think the deck is trash especially in this new meta. Its better off as just turning into either a monowhite deck or naya ''preferably naya because its better''. Even against the BR deck that I played, it went 4 out of 10 g1's and post board it went 5-20. Thats a pretty harsh record against a deck that has both colors you run pro guys for.

by on 2010-02-23 07:39 CET

I guess I'll have to just find out for myself first hand. I am willing to wager that you are one of the few who has actual testing behind your opinion though.

by Tuffy on 2010-02-23 08:19 CET


by neosystems on 2010-02-23 13:34 CET

Like the deck especially since the guy who won with it was Caith (ethos and all that).

You mentioned it, but I still don't like the 22 land and the fact that it's 22 land in a 61 card deck ._.

by Efrem_84 on 2010-02-24 09:12 CET

Well, really speaking i played vampire for great part of the season in my city championship, and always did good results.
Particularly, i never (never!) lost to any white weenie deck, even played by really good players.
The only thing they can board against you aren't deathmark: Vampires plays 2 to 4 copies of marsh casualties post side, your early aggro plan is going to be handled with tendrils, nighthawk and kalastria, then as the marsh casualties comes it's usually game.
I know that it wouldn't mathematically come,
but the chances are really great due to the good early removal of vampires that gives you enough time to draw it, fetches to thin the deck and sign in blood to draw more spell.
Then, speaking of me, i run a liliana main and another 1-2 side mainly against control, but they serve well against mono white tutoring marsh casualties, malakir bloodwich or a black card for a nocturnus in the critical turn.
Not considering that u don't even run DoJ, the only removal that let's you get rid of malakir bloodwitch.I think the chances of this list are something like 85-15 for vampires, even though i might be wrong. It seems to me that your only real good card against vamps is the sledge, if equipped on a protection from black guy.

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