Second Sight: Worldwake Rares

Written by EarthPunk on January 27, 2010

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I was preparing another article due to the slow spoiler season. Halfway through completing it, a flux of new cards came in. I think the Worldwake spoilers take precedent over some silly rogue decks, so itís time to jump into anotherÖ

Second Sight: Worldwake Rares

Originally, I started talking about some commons. That's when so many cards came flying into my face with so little time. Instead I basically picked a bunch of random rares and will be talking about them below.

Iíd also like to inform you about a future article. When all the cards have been spoiled, I plan to create a list. This list will contain a few sentences about each card, and its rating for limited and constructed. Keep your eyes peeled. At the bottom is a note about another article too.

Without further ado,

NOTE: I have removed 2 cards from this list until further notice. When Wizards officially releases these cards, I will update this article.

Kalastria Highborn

Vampires continues to receive tools. Kalastria Highborn can easily replace Vampire Hexmage. It is essentially a three drop, but it also works well as a two drop. It is a magnet for removal, because every Vampire becomes stronger if Highborn does not die. Having them chuck a Lightning Bolt at the Highborn clears the way for the hero of Vampires; Nighthawk. Whenever it hits the board, it usually will be a first target. It draws removal away from other targets. If they kill something other than the Highborn, there will most likely be a 4 life shift.
I also think Highborn will contribute to a new deck. Bloodchief Ascension has always been on the brink of inclusion in a decent deck. This card pushes it one step closer. Highborn works extremely well with Bloodghast. Even after they have a 3/3 out, Bloodghast will hit for 2. That is unless your opponent doesnít mind you gaining 2 life, only to have the Bloodghast return. Cards such as Volcanic Fallout, Blightning, Lightning Bolt, Bloodghast, Kalastria Highborn, and Vampire Lacerator, all give this deck hope.

Constructed Potential: 8/10

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Jwari Shapeshifter

Allies continues to look more appealing. This card easily makes so many strategies much more viable. For only 2 mana you can have a second Bala-Ged Thief. This will net you 2 cards as soon as you play it, and 2 more for any allies after that. This cheap ally Clone severely helps the actual Ally concept - The more allies you play, the stronger they are. You still want to be able to play powerful allies though. At 2 mana you will be able to copy the Turntimber Ranger and then lay down another Oran-Rief Survivalist, putting you way ahead.

Constructed Potential: 6.5/10

Dragonmaster Outcast

I think itís pretty obvious what you do with this card. You stuff two of these in your deck with a set of Ranger of Eos. You hit six lands, you simply play the Eos and find these suckers. You play both of them. Barring any Maelstrom Pulses, youíll find yourself producing a 5/5 dragon, or two 5/5 dragons the next turn, essentially ending the game. You canít play four of these in any normal deck. Playing four of these is another instance of diminishing value. You draw one in your opening hand; your hand is essentially six cards now. You draw another and youíre killing your card advantage. It seems like a fun card, but only in combination with Ranger of Eos. In fact, this whole set loves Ranger of Eos. On a final note, it could be used as an alternative win condition for Scapeshift. At only one mana, it is easy to leave mana open for counters which will leave this guy sticking around to deal massive damage.

Constructed Potential: 5/10

Omnath, Locus of Mana

I think the most rewarding part of this card is this; it will help teach new players about using spells during their second main phase. It is certainly a powerful creature, but lacks evasion. It also will die to Lightning Bolt, and Burst Lightning too often. On turn four, which you will most likely be first attacking with him, he is a 5/5 in mono-green. That is powerful, but like I said there is no trample printed on him. Nevertheless, he is a must answer creature which clears the way for successive monsters. Om nom nom nath.

Constructed Potential: 4/10

Novablast Wurm

Seven mana for a 7/7 is nothing to laugh at. The fun thing about this fattie is the fact that if you do attack with him, youíre almost guaranteed that seven damage. Itís almost as if he has evasion built in, except much more powerful evasion. Maybe green-white will be viable. You stick enough fatties into a deck your opponent eventually will run out of removal.

Constructed Potential: 5.5/10

Admonition Angel

White receives its version of Rampaging Baloths. At six mana, itís incredibly well balanced according to the current metagame. If the angel avoids removal for a turn or two, it will easily take over. Hitting for 6 damage is no joke. In addition, each time you play a land you are creating huge card advantage. I foresee a GW Ramp deck that utilizes this angel, and maybe Rampaging Baloths. I believe the key card for that deck will be Canopy Cover. If you can protect these huge creatures from removal, they will quickly end the game. In Limited, itís a complete bomb. Itís not as strong as a card such as Iona, but I believe it serves its purpose.

Constructed Potential: 3/10

Abyssal Persecutor

Upon seeing this card everyone refers to Platinum Angel. This heavy hitting creature is the antithesis of the angel that hasnít seen much play. This one will most likely though. Four mana for a 6/6 with flying and trample is just ridiculous. The best part - the drawback does not affect the game in any way the turn you play it. It probably wonít even affect the game at all. Itís really not that hard to kill your own creature. If you are in black there is plenty of efficient removal to finish the game. Your opponent isnít going to let this creature run over them anyway. If they hold removal in their hands and let this thing bash them in the face, they are playing it completely wrong. It is a shame Persecutor is a demon. It could have been the answer to Baneslayer Angel! I guess Malakir Bloodwitch will have to do for now.

Constructed Potential: 7.5/10

Chain Reaction

Iíve heard this card proclaimed redís version of Day of Judgement. It is similarly costed, but I donít believe itís anywhere near as powerful. In a match-up between control and most types of aggro, I found that on average there was about 2-3 creatures on the field at all times. Chain Reaction would take care of most of them, unfortunately so would Volcanic Fallout, as an instant, for one less mana, and 2 damage to the dome, with no chance of being countered. In most cases where there are more than 4 creatures on the battlefield, more often then not they are 1/1 tokens. Volcanic Fallout is far superior in these situations. I do believe it has some sideboard merit though. Itís powerful against elves, who quickly can get out of Fallout range with many creatures. Itís also useful against Jund. After killing a Sprouting Thrinax, you can easily wipe their formidable board, which could include Broodmate Dragons, Master of the Wild Hunt, Great Sable Stags, and others. Itís playable, but I think it leans more toward being a powerful sideboard card according to certain match-ups.

Constructed Potential: 6/10


8 mana is a hefty cost. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to reach 8 mana with green. Letís now imagine the capabilities. I wager we can reach 8 mana by turn 4 or 5. Letís presume the more likely Turn 5 case. I play this fattie on turn 5. I went first, so right now my opponent has 4 mana, My opponent has been consistently hitting his mana-drops. I bring out my Terastodon, and sacrifice three of my lands. I now have a 9/9, and three 3/3s. Thatís 18 points of damage. Even better, I still have as much mana as the opponent. What decks can handle this? Jund could probably throw out a Maelstrom Pulse to take care of the Elephants, but there is still a 9/9. That would require another Terminate (which they only play 2 of) or another Pulse. On the other hand, I could give them a single Elephant but take out their land. They now have 3 lands, and Iím resting on 6. Maelstrom Pulse will be less attractive since itíll take out their Elephant too. I could even splash black, take out 3 of their lands, leaving them with just one, then use a Maelstrom Pulse to eliminate those Elephants. Even taking out a couple of them with removal will put them so far behind! Not to mention I still have 8 lands. Ouch!

The other match-ups are in an even worse predicament. Even the white decks that have Day of Judgement donít even stand much chance. If you leave them with only 2 mana, it becomes difficult to cast Day of Judgement. This creature gives the Summoning Trap deck another way to end the game. I believe it is on par with Iona. While not quite as powerful, Terastodon is one mana cheaper. It is also not legendary which means unlike Iona, you can risk playing more than 2. Coupled with the various threats green already has, this card seems like icing on the cake.

Constructed Potential: 7/10

Excited about Worldwake?
In my next article, I plan to post and talk about many of the new Standard decks that Worldwake will have to offer as soon as it blasts off! Send me your deck lists at and I will most likely talk about it next week. It can be as simple as new innovations for Jund, your new Vampires Build, a sweet new combo, or even a completely new archetype!

Disclaimer: I will be posting the decklists, so if youíre worried about people taking your ideas. the solution is simple; Donít send them to me.

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by EarthPunk on 2010-01-27 06:24 CET

Yes, I realize I overhyped Terastodon, but I'm such a Timmy. :P

Abyssal should probably have a higher score, he is amazing after testing. The only problem is that he almost acts like a Legendary, even without it printed on him, drawing more than one is usually :[.

Omnath, I'd probably boost up a little more too. He IS a 5/5 + almost every turn, and is even better with that green enchantment that lets you untap mana dorks during your opponents turn.

by Ffancrzy on 2010-01-27 07:40 CET

I actually like Terastodon a lot, I somehow missed that on the spoiler. I think some sort of Rock mana ramp would be interesting with all the ridiculous fatties.

by Taodd on 2010-01-27 12:18 CET

My problem with Omnath is that if your opponent has the terminate or path they can basically time walk you. You add all the mana you can to your pool to do the extra damage with him, they kill him, your mana goes away before main phase 2 and you're tapped out without playing anything that turn. If you run Omnath I suggest maindeck 4 vines and possibly some canopy cover (an enchantment in wwk).

Also that enchantment in wwk that lets you untap both gains counters from attacking with creatures and untaps ALL your creatures (like Omnath) allowing for a huge Omnath attacking and blocking. :)

by Lynolf on 2010-01-27 23:35 CET

Novablast Wurm > All =D

Also, great article. I enjoyed reading it. ^_^

by Crazyfox on 2010-01-28 00:02 CET

Highborn U!

by Tao on 2010-01-28 03:01 CET

Abyssal Persecuter is going to be a lot like Bitterblossom. Yeah, it sucks in multiples. It still wins way too many games not to run less than 4 in your deck. And there is always going to be that random draw where two of them gets there.

by Araeliz on 2010-01-28 04:56 CET

Admonition Angel worse than Jwari Shapeshifter? Oh rly?

by TurinT on 2010-01-28 06:11 CET

Jwari Shapeshifter opens lot of 2 for 1 situations for the opponent.

by mppereira on 2010-01-28 18:52 CET

novablast wurm and terastodon could be easily used in Trap deck, 3/4 you hit with terastodon take 2 of your oponents lands and one of yours you get a 3/3 elephant and a 9/9 your opp gets out of lands its win for sure. Novablast works as well although its easier to get rid of him.
I think Trap will be very powerful with Worldwake. lets wait and see.

by Acid_Christ on 2010-01-31 08:51 CET

"Abyssal Persecuter is going to be a lot like Bitterblossom. Yeah, it sucks in multiples."

There is no way to compare the two. Two completely different cards with different mechanics. Bitterblossom never sucked in multiples unless my opponent was playing red.

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