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Written by Weedmonkey on January 24, 2010


I: Getting Started
III: Tournaments
IV: Judges
V: Articles and Coverage
VI: League Staff

I: Getting Started

Q: What do I need to start playing on Magic-League?

A: There are two things you need in order to begin playing on here:

  1. An application for playing Magic over the internet. You can either search for one using a search engine, or you can ask a player in #magic-league.
  2. A registered account on site.

Q: How do I find a game?

A: Ask for one in #magic-league. It is common courtesy to specify both the format and whether it is a casual (unrated) or league (rated) game. For example, you my ask for a standard casual game, or a legacy league game.

Q: Where can I find the rules?

A: Magic-League has a number of rules documents:

  • The general rules document contains information regarding league rules, channel rules and general tournament rules.
  • The floor rules contain the policies and procedures for tournament play.
  • The penalty guidelines contain information on penalties specific to Magic-League tournaments.

Q: It asks me for my DCI number during registration. Does that mean Magic-League runs tournaments for the DCI?

A: No. Magic-League has no endorsement, affiliation or working relationship with Wizards of the Coast or the DCI.


Q: What is IRC?

A: IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is the medium through which Magic-League's chat rooms operate. Most people connect to an IRC network through an IRC client. Magic-League allows for users to connect to the IRC network Magic-League resides in without the need of an IRC client.

Q: What is an IRC client?

A: An IRC client is a program designed specifically for connecting to IRC networks. Although some people may use web-based clients to connect to a network to begin with, many people over time choose to move to a dedicated IRC client for functionality. With a dedicated client you have a wider range of options at your disposal, from setting what your client does on connecting to a network to specialized scripts to extend a client's functionality.

Q: Where do I get an IRC client?

A: There are a range of IRC clients available. Some of the more popular options include:

  • mIRC. It is one of the most popular clients around and is currently required by judges.
  • X-Chat 2. A popular alternative for those not using Windows, it provides support for Perl, TCL, Python and Ruby scripts.
  • KVIRC. Open-source and actively developed.

III: Tournaments

Q: How do I sign up for a tournament?

A: When a notice appears in a league channel saying a tournament is open, it instructs you to go to the Magic-League home page. There will be a panel in the middle of the screen that will tell you to 'Click here to join'. It will take you to a screen to enter your name on IRC (if it's different to the name of your account on site) and upload a decklist (if the tournament is constructed). Once you've done that, you're signed up for the tournament.

Q: Where are the pairings for the tournament?

A: When a round begins, the judge will pair the first round and post the pairings in the appropriate league channel (#magic-league, #draft4you or #master) as well as on the Magic-League home page.

Q: How do I report my result?

A: If it is a league (rated) match, click on Single Matches on the home page. There will be a panel to enter your results and submit them. If it is a single-elimination tournament, go to the home page. There will be a panel for you to enter your results. If it is a swiss tournament, follow the instructions in #master.

Q: The round started and my opponent isn't responding. What do I do?

A: Have some patience. Your opponent has five minutes to respond before he receives a game loss for tardiness, and ten minutes for a second game loss. There will be announcements in the channel after five and ten minutes.

Q: I received a disconnection message in-game. What do I do?

A: First, contact your opponent in IRC an attempt to reconnect (all play applications have a 'Reconnect' option in them. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask a judge in #judges4you). If your reconnection attempt is unsuccessful, then you and your opponent need to join #judges4you.

Q: What are the prizes for winning a tournament?

A: It depends on the type of tournament. For reguar ('mini') tournaments, there is no prize. For trial tournaments, the prize is 2 byes to the next Master/Invitational, and 1 bye to the runner up. For masters and invitationals, the prize is store credit redeemable at any online MTG store that accepts PayPal.

IV: Judges

Q: How do I become a judge?

A: You can become a judge by taking and passing our judge test. The conditions for taking the judge test are:

  • You have been registered with Magic-League for at least thirty days
  • You have participated in at least three tournaments
  • You have not taken the test before during the current testing period (90 days in length)

The test is ten questions in length. You have 35 minutes with which to complete the test. After you have completed the test, there will be some written questions which the Judge Director uses for a character assessment.

Q: How will I know my results?

A: Your results will be sent to the same email account you registered with. You should normally receive your results within 72 hours, depending on the availability of test admins to grade judge tests.

Q: I got kicked out of #judges4you by mrbotski. Why?

A: mrbotski will automatically kick anyone in #judges4you who is not a judge after they have been inactive for five minutes in the channel. This is to keep the channel clear so we know who needs assistance.

Q: I don't agree with a judge's ruling. What can I do?

A: You can appeal your ruling to a higher level judge if one is available. They will review the ruling and then overrule or modify the original ruling if they feel there are issues with the original judge's ruling.

Q: I feel like I have been mistreated by a judge. Who can I talk to?

A: The judge director handles all complaints about judges. Complaints made about judges are taken seriously. You can contact the judge director by emailing

V: Articles and Coverage

Q: I'm interested in writing articles. Where do I begin?

A: First, register for an account on the coverage site. After you log in to your account, there is a link to submit articles in the user control panel. After you submit your article, it will be edited and published if it meets the department's standards (which can be accessed from the user control panel). You will be sent an email with feedback after your article has been edited.

Q: Can I write a regular column?

A: Once you've submitted an article or two and the coverage director finds your writing meets standards, then you're free to request to write a column. Columns can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and the coverage director will discuss the specifics of the column with you.

Q: Who writes tournament coverage?

A: Anyone! At the beginning of a swiss tournament, people interested in writing tournament coverage gather in #coverage. A moderator or administrator leads the coverage, and delegates coverage pieces to people in the channel.

Q: Where can I get more information on coverage?

You can ask any questions about coverage in #coverage. The people in there will answer your questions as best they can. Alternatively, you can also email

VI: League Staff

Q: Who are the league staff?

A: The league staff are the group of administrators who run the site. Each staff member is responsible for one or more elements of the league. Although the co-owners of the league are staff members, only some staff members have ownership of the league. A list of league staff can be found on the Contact Us page.

Q: I have a concern about a staff member. Who should I talk to?

A: Another staff member. Staff members take anything spoken to them about another staff member seriously and with confidentiality.

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