The Future of Magic-League Coverage

Written by Weedmonkey on December 07, 2009

As most of you are aware by now, I have inherited the position of Coverage Director in the staff restructing. One thing that I have noticed in recent months and years is the gradual drying up of articles and coverage in general.

This article will briefly walk through Magic-League Coverage past and present, before delving into where Magic-League coverage will be going over the coming weeks and months.

The Past

Cast your minds back a few years. There was a time where Koen, nico and the other admins regularly played the great game in the league (shock horror, i know :P). It was a time where the league was much smaller than it is now, and thus a tighter-knit community. Match coverage of masters was written up for and was on a whole quite well recieved.

As the years progressed and Magic-League grew, so did the coverage. Although match reports gradually declined, we saw a range of articles being written by players, for players. PTQ reports, deck techs, general strategy articles...Magic-League began to make a name for itself as a good ground for honing skills for professional play. We've helped nurture a world champion (Julien Nujiten), a multiple Worlds finalist (Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa), numerous national champions, Grand Prix and Pro Tour finalists...the list goes on.

The Present

Recently, Magic-League has been in a bit of a decline. The Cease and Desist order from Wizards caused numerous players to depart from the league (the fact that certain sites misreported the facts certainly didn't help things either). As the old guard have gradually left and newer players joined, the number of articles has also decreased.

However, in the midst of the decline, we have seen a push to bring back coverage on a larger scale. neosystems wrote some excellent site profiles for our prominent Magic-League community members. neosystems and myself spearheaded the revival of Magic-League master coverage, with deck techs and feature matches on a larger scale than Magic-League has ever had.

The Future

When Flippi offered me the position of Coverage Director, I saw it as an opportunity to push coverage to a professional level. There are a number of ideas and concepts that I intend to refine and develop. These are:

1. New Magic-League Coverage Site

For those who are not familiar, neosystems and I earlier in the year began spearheading full coverage of masters. Unfortunately, this began to decline as neosystems' college life began to catch up with him and the absurdly early hours I needed to wake up for took their toll on me.

We met a few weeks ago to discuss the future of this, and our solution was to upgrade the site we currently use to host masters. Presently, either myself or neosystems need to manually upload each piece of coverage, then link it on the coverage page. This can be cumbersome, especially whilst trying to upload multiple pieces of coverage. The coverage site that will be developed will have the ability to upload and edit on the fly, which will leave more time for us to coordinate coverage as well as others.

The new site will be split into three levels of users:

  • Administrators will be effectively running the site. They will oversee development of the site and organize master coverage.
  • Moderators will coordinate master coverage. They will edit and submit master coverage (feature matches, feature articles and results) as well as write coverage.
  • Writers are the backbone of master coverage. They will write feature matches and feature articles.
  • Currently, there is no time frame for completion of this project. My desire is to have it completed by the end of the first quarter next year. As I am on summer vacation currently, I will do my best to revive master coverage in the meantime. I'll be using the master coverage to search for potential moderators for the new site, so if you're interested in writing coverage feel free to join #coverage :).

    2. Revival of Articles

    This i feel is one of the most important areas of Magic-League to be improved. Although there a range of professional sites that produce articles that are aimed at the high-level tournament player, those sites are all lacking one thing - grassroots innovation.

    If you consider yourself a bit of a writer and have something to say, feel free to send an article to PTQ reports, deck innovations, opinions on the metagame, travel stories...we would all be happy for you to share your experiences!

    If you wish to submit an article, please keep the following in mind:

  • Articles must be of a reasonable length. How long 'reasonable' is depends on what you are writing about. As a rule of thumb, 200 word summaries are a no-no, as are 5000 word essays. They should be in detail, but also concise and to the point.
  • Please give an idea of how you want the article formatted (i.e. what parts are bold, what is in italics, etc.). If you can format your article in HTML, even better!
  • Copyright images are strictly forbidden. If you wish to use copyrighted images in your article, you must forward an email with permission from the copyright owner in addition to submitting your article.
  • One obstacle that I feel exists is for players who don't speak English as their first language. Although English is the de facto language of this site, many of us speak other languages. Have an article you wish to submit but can't write it fluently in english? No problem! Just submit the article in whatever language you wish along with a gisted translation (from a site such as freetranslation or Babelfish). Your article will be translated into English and posted on the site along with the original article in your native language.

    3. Podcasts

    Dwelling in the Other - Magic subforum of the Magic-League forums, you will find a series of unofficial Magic-League podcasts. These contained master wrap-ups, opinions on the tournament scene as well as all the site gossip. These too disappeared as it was difficult to pull the team together regularly to run them. My intention is to bring these back again with a steady team. If you have any suggestions for inclusions, feel free to send an email :).


    From my point of view, I'm excited about the potential for development of coverage in the future. I hope that this article has at least ignited some interest in coverage for Magic-League's members. It does seem like a big effort, but the results are completely worth it.

    I am completely open to any feedback about coverage, including suggestions for possible directions coverage can explore. If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions, feel free to swing by #coverage or send an email to If you wish to submit an article, please send an email to

    Until next time, keep looking to the future.


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